Jamicure of the Day

Jamicure of the Day

You can get this look using Bare Lacquer…LMBO!!! 🙂


Mother’s Day Garden

This year for Mother’s Day I wanted a square foot garden!  I have been “pinning” garden posts under a board called “For the Garden I do not Have” for over a year now and it was time to change that!  I would love to teach my children the process of growing food so that they will love fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables.  One small problem – I am not known for my green thumb!  But it can’t hurt to try!!

My husband went and got all of the pieces to build the frame and we went to the farmer’s market to pick up the organic soil and plants – we decided to start with plants instead of seeds for all but two of the squares.  


In those we planted snow peas and carrots.  And GUESS WHAT!!!  The peas have SPROUTED!!!  I am so excited and SURPRISED at how fast they come up!!!



I’m so excited!!!!!!!


Pantone’s Color of the Year – 2014

Did you know that each year Pantone selects a “Color of the Year”?  Well, it does and this year that color is Orchid!  What that means is that many designers incorporate that color into the styles for that year!  Jamberry made accessorizing your wardrobe so much easier by introducing an entire line of styles based on 2014’s Color of the Year, including Orchid Skinny, Orchid Polka and Orchid Ombre as shown in the photo below:



Orchid is such a fun color for Spring and Summer!!  For a SPLURGE, you can also get the look with one of Jamberry’s Five Free Royal Treatment Lacquer Set!  Jamberry’s Lacquer Line is Five Free, Vegan, Gluten Free and Not Tested on Animals.  That alone sets it apart from the pack but the colors are gorgeous!!! 



What can YOU do wearing your Jamberry Nail Wraps??!

QUESTION:  Can Jamberry Nail Wraps keep up with your day-to-day life?

ANSWER: YES! I have put this to the test myself!! When my office moved, I spent an entire day packing and moving boxes, furniture and equipment and at the end of the day I did not have one broken nail and my wraps looked as good when I left as they did when I walked in. Fact!

Time after time I see posts of people wearing their Jams to do things that go beyond the call of duty and this is no exception!

This Jamberry Leader owns a telecommunications company and installs business telephone systems and data network wiring.

Icy Rose Polka


After working a full day in her Silver Floral on Magenta Wraps these Jams looked GREAT!



If you would like to put some Jamberry Nail Wraps to the test yourself, LET ME KNOW!!! I will send you a FREE SAMPLE!!  If you send me pictures, I will feature YOUR story in one of my posts!!


Cuticle Care

Cuticle Care

Your Jamicure will look better and last longer if your cuticles are maintained! Jamberry Nails’ cuticle oil smells so good and the bottle will last a long time. It can be purchased for $10 at It’s best to use the oil starting a day after you apply your Jams so that the wrap has time to bond to the nail.

I came across this do it yourself formula for moisturizing your cuticles while you wait for your cuticle oil to be delivered!