DIY – How to Use Shellac with Jamberry

DIY - How to Use Shellac with Jamberry

Do you use shellac on your nails? Did you think this meant Jamberry nails weren’t for you? Think again!!! Jamberry Independent Consultant, Anna Hone, shares her technique for combining shellac and Jamberry nail wraps for the look you see here!

*prep the nail by cleaning with alcohol.

*apply shellac base coat and cure.

*if you are wanting a color, put the color on and cure (1 or two coats).

* apply top coat clear of shellac and cure. (This is important. If you try to put the Jams in between the other coats before the top coat, they don’t last).

* clean nail again to with alcohol to remove the sticky substance left over.

*then take your Jamberry nail and buff the top to ‘rough’ it up a little bit. Do this before taking it off the sheet. This is what allows the top coat to ‘bond’ rather then peeling off in a few days.

*then heat the Jamberry and apply like normal. This can be the whole nail or just the tips you cut. You can even use punches and apply hearts or other designs.

* trim the end by filing just how you normally would.

*put a final top coat (or two) of on and cure.

* finish by wiping the sticky top once more with alcohol to finish.

Get your Jamberry nail wraps or Jamberry’s own TruShine here:  HBS Jamberry Independent Consultant


4 thoughts on “DIY – How to Use Shellac with Jamberry

    • There is a clear coat on each of the layers (except the mattes) so if you rough it up, you would not get into the layer with the print unless you really went deep. It is a lot of trial and error. Do you need me to send you some samples to practice on? If you would like, just email your address to or fill in my sample request form.


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