Jamicure of the Day

Faded Deco and Bashful

Great End of Summer Look – Faded Deco and Bashful Five Free Lacquer

Don’t forget today (8/31) is the last day to order any of the 138 retiring styles and several lacquers too.


Jamberry Fall Preview

Check out this video released today by Jamberry!  It’s a brief preview of the the Fall/Winter 2014 Catalog being released on September 1, 2014.  I’m really especially excited about the new tints and floral french tips!  Can’t wait for you to see everything!!

If you would like a new catalog or the fall samples, place your request HERE.

Also new this fall:

– Autism Awareness wraps in JUNIOR sizes!  This is so amazing!  Jamberry contributes $2.00 from every sheet sold to Autism Society and now EVERYONE can enjoy the Autism Awareness wraps!

– Ocean Spray Lacquer!  All of the Jamberry Five Free Professional Lacquers are amazing but I’m super excited about Ocean Spray!  The rich luscious color is perfect for Date Nights this fall!!

– New Mini Heater!  So excited to officially announce the release of the new Jamberry Mini Heater!  If you’ll remember, I first learned of the new heater at #JamCon2014 when all of the Founding Members were given one in a sneak preview.  Let me tell you – this is the MUST HAVE item from this catalog.  I love our old heater but I am in LURVE with the new mini heater! ❤ ❤

– Biotin Enhanced Supplement!  Last but not least and perhaps one of the most exciting new products being offered by Jamberry this fall is the Supplement containing Biotin, which is known to promote strong nails and hair!  That’s right, even if you are not sold on the nail wraps, haven’t given into the amazing Five Free Professional Lacquers, aren’t taken by the StyleBox craze – even YOU will not be able to resist Jamberry’s new Biotin enhanced Supplement.  The supplement will be released September 15, 2014 but everything else will be available on Tuesday, September 1, 2014!!!

Check back here for some promotions to go along with the new Fall/Winter 2014 Catalog Launch!!

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments!!


Jamicure of the Day


Jamicure of the Day goes to one of the Consultants in my down line who is also a nail tech, Denyel Elliott-Brechbill! She created this look using black and fine glitter gel polish with a Jamberry sample wrap! I am loving this look for fall! So next time you are looking for something fun to do with those extra wraps on your sheet – Now.You.Know!!


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Opportunity is Knocking – Answer the Door!



Do you remember Blockbuster video being the biggest game in town?  I do because their headquarters were in Dallas and so many of my friends worked at the video stores in high school and at the corporate offices thereafter.  Blockbuster was a well loved company by its customers and employees.  And then it changed.

Blockbuster video passed on buying Netflix for $40 million because they didn’t understand their business model or see where the future was going and it was too different from their traditional business model that had worked up until then.

Today Blockbuster ceases to exist and Netflix has over 50+ million customers.  Netflix is estimated 19.7 BILLION according to the latest filings.

What does that have to do with you?  Well, think like a Blockbuster and you could miss out on HUGE business opportunities that are on the verge of explosion.

Past Future

Reputable direct sales companies are growing in a referral-based society that exists in connection with a socially networked society.  And why wouldn’t they?  No store front. No employees. No paperwork. No inventory.  No debt to open or operate.  Flexible schedule for your lifestyle.

What you may or may not know about me is this – I have a great job outside of direct sales and I did not have a high opinion of direct sales growing up for whatever reason.  But I immediately saw the opportunity with Jamberry when it was presented to me.  My mind was immediately spinning in 85 different directions when I saw the nail wraps and I hit the ground running and I have never looked back.  See, the opportunity was so powerful that I overlooked every negative opinion I ever had of direct sales and all of the “WTH” looks, comments and questions I got from my friends and families about what I was doing entering direct sales and jumped in.  And you know what?  That risk has more than paid off.  The return on my investment has been greater than I ever even HOPED for, much less expected.  My friends and family have all seen how successful I have become and now they want a piece of it.  And, like any good direct sales person, I am only too happy to share!

Living Magnet

Now obviously, I would like for you to be as excited about Jamberry as I am, but I’ll be completely honest here:  once I opened my mind to the possibility that not all direct sales companies were scams, I have found a lot of products I like that better suit my lifestyle than going to the mall and now regularly shop direct sales products.  Not all.  But, I’m loving Stella & Dot, Rodan + Fields, IDLife, Fibi and Chloe and a few others.  And I get compliments on every single item I have bought – all.of.the.time!

If you are looking for an opportunity to make extra money, get you out of or through a bad situation, to give you confidence and experience, to enable  you to contribute to your family’s finances, to have some fun, you REALLY should consider joining a direct sales organization, whether it’s Jamberry or not.  Usually, the entry fee is low enough that you have nothing or very little to lose if it turns out that it is not for you for whatever reason.

You can click on any of the links in this blog that will direct you to top notch people within each of the organizations mentioned, myself included!!  🙂


Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant – Team Listonberries

Want to be on one of the FASTEST growing, most successful Jamberry Teams?

Look no further!!  Team Listonberries is ON FIRE – we grew by 100 in August alone!

While no one was looking, we topped

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We are in almost every state in the country – and we would love to have you join us and share our secret to success with you!!  Join in August and you could earn a $50 kit credit in September!  Ask me HOW!!