Do you know what Layered Leadership is?

I copied this article from Doug Firebaugh. At the end I will give you some insight as to where Team Listonberries is heading!

“The Four Growth Periods of MLM organizational growth:


This Phase is the first period of time that you and your fledgling downline will go through….and it can be a rough one…

This period of time is where you are new, and really don’t know the business, your skin is not 2 inches thick, you have no prior experience in MLM, and you are on a major learning curve, and you will make mistakes….

This is where you are actually developing your belief and trust in the industry, and many things can shake your focus and belief….

Set Backs.
People telling you NO.

And the list goes on…

You really are fragile in this business, because you have not developed your “Success Muscles” to help you go on in face of adversity…and your group is as well…

This is where a lot of people quit…they never “get it” that you must grow beyond the Fragile Phase to build a business….

They got their feelings hurt constantly by their negative prospects…because they were in the Fragile phase and never grew beyond it….

In the Fragile stage is where most people quit, as they cannot take the Negatives and Disappointments that are innate to MLM and entrepeneurism…but their problem was NOT the negatives…

But their lack of understanding how to take them and what was REALLY happening with that kind of response….


This second phase is where you have grown beyond the Fragile phase, and now your group is starting to grow more solid and be more consistent in Volume and paychecks…

In the Solidifying phase, you start to see some Leaders emerge, and volume becomes solid and steady….as well as paychecks start to get steady and consistent…

When your group moves into this phase, you will know it and sense it as well….your leaders will start to experience success as well as you and it is consistent…and you will see some leaders start to create their own identity in this business…

And you will sense some beginnings of momentum as well….

You will start to see some growth in your group that you had absolutely nothing to do with, and it will continue….

And you will see some new faces starting to show up in your group that you don’t know who they are, or their names….

THAT is when you will FEEL your group starting to Solidify….and that is where the majority of people quit…

80-90% of people who leave this business leave during the first 2 stages….and most leave during the first….



This phase is where the big money starts showing up. You can make a living in the solidifying phase…a nice one…but this phase is where the big checks start showing up, and show up they do…not only for you, but also your leaders as well…

This phase is where you start to have “Layered Leadership” and that simply means you have Leaders in layers in your downline in many legs…and they now start to have Leaders showing up in their group as well…. and the numbers in your group now number in the thousands, and many are active Leaders….

The Mature Phase also shows that your leaders have taught and duplicated how to build leaders in their group, and the dynamics of your group here become exciting as “Mature Pockets” start showing up and they no longer need you, as they have “splintered” into their own leadership organization…

This phase, $100,000 a year is commonplace…
And Millionaires “to be” start showing up….


This is the “WEALTH CREATION” Phase….this phase is where Wealth is created and accumulated and Millionaires roll up in this business….

This phase is where no matter what you do, you cannot mess up your business…and it will continue on in the event of your death…

The Rock Solid Phase is where also you have many Mature “Pockets” of distributors in your group, and now you have Mature Leaders that have big groups and many layers of Leadership…

Many people get close to this phase but never achieve it as they lack the Leadership skills to take it to this level…and many are close to it, but yet don’t understand it is that last 10% effort that most never give that determine the Rock Solid phase.

So those are the 4 phases of Organizational Growth in MLM….

Fragile, Solidifying, Mature, and Rock Solid.

Where do you see your group heading?

The answer to that will determine your future in MLM and Network Marketing…..”

TEAM LISTONBERRIES IS ENTERING THE MATURE PHASE. We began August with our first level of “Layered Leadership”. That means that my first group of Team Managers  started having Team Managers of their own!

With no history in Direct Sales, I have gotten to this level with Jamberry in 7 months. Over that time I have learned how to be so much more efficient than I was when I started.  A lot of it is just working SMARTER. I have learned a lot from all of the free webinars available and, believe it or not, learned I was making a lot of mistakes in how efficient I was (not) being.

This journey definitely has it’s ups and downs. We’ve had to endure customer service issues, shipping issues, problems with application, team members leaving – but there are answers for everything. You just have to develop your “Success Muscles” and push through it. Don’t give up! Don’t let those downs get the better of you! Don’t be afraid!! The rewards are SO GREAT and will ONLY GET BETTER!!!! And Jamberry has made adjustments each step of the way to resolve any issues that may have arisen!!  They LISTEN!!

And when your warm market goes cold – push through it. I have built my entire business outside of my warm market and it has been very effective for me. I cannot emphasize enough how willing I am to help you build your Team and grow YOUR business. I will do one on one coaching – through email, PM’ing or phone calls. I will co-host parties with you. I will talk to anyone you need help recruiting. I will share all my knowledge (for what it’s worth) or I will be there for you to vent about whatever! But let’s walk forward into this journey together. We are stronger as a Team!

One of my Team Members, Rachel Quist, shared this graph at our Opportunity Event and GUESS WHAT??! We are ALL perfectly positioned to enjoy the MOMENTUM PHASE of Jamberry!!! It is SO WORTH IT!!!!



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