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Custom Nail Wraps by Dana Sattler

One of my Team members (5 more to 500!!!), Dana Sattler, is VERY creative and has designed some of the amazing custom wraps that I regularly feature.



You can look at and order any of her designs HERE.

Here is a preview of the latest one I ordered from her for Fire Fighter Wives:


Daily Meditation 9/25/14


The Three Vows or Three Commitments, offer us a way to relax into profound sanity in the midst of whatever non-sanity is happening around us.

  • The first of the commitments, traditionally called the Pratimoksha Vow, is the foundation for personal liberation. This is a commitment to doing our best to not cause harm with our actions or words or thoughts, a commitment to being good to each other. It provides a structure within which we learn to work with our thoughts and emotions, and to refrain from speaking or acting out of confusion.
  • The next step toward being comfortable with groundlessness is a commitment to helping others, traditionally called the Bodhisattva Vow. It is a commitment to dedicate our lives to keeping our hearts and minds open, and nurturing our compassion with the longing to ease the suffering of the world.
  • The last of the three commitments, traditionally known as the Samaya Vow, is a resolve to embrace the world just as it is, without bias; a resolve to see everything we encounter, good and bad, pleasant and painful, as a manifestation of awakened energy. It is a commitment to see everything and anything as a means by which we can awaken further.

Thank you Tama Walley

Jamberry NAS 2.0 Opens to the Public TODAY

Here are some quick tutorials/demonstrations of how the new NAS works:

1.  Working with Shapes, Patterns and Text:

2.  Applying Designs:

3.  Work in Progress (WIP) and Saving Designs:

4.  Submitting a Design for Approval:

You can create virtually ANYTHING in the Nail Art Studio.  Here are some cute Halloween designs that one of my Teammates, Dana Sattler, made!  I can’t wait to put them on.  I love those little ghosts!

10647201_358743870970082_1173752149442341632_n 10646930_358743857636750_8998253380355601192_n


But you can also

  • add your business logo on a sheet and use them for promotional purposes;
  • add your school mascot on and use for spirit wear;
  • add a picture of your loved one;
  • add your or your children’s artwork; or
  • add elements from your favorite tv show, song, movie for an “inspired by” look (they are all reviewed for trademark infringement).

The possibilities are endless with NAS 2.0