Step by Step Process for wearing Jamberry nail wraps with Gel Polish


Gel Instructions]

This was written by one of my downline team members, Denyel Elliott-Brechbill, a full time nail tech who also sells Jamberry nail wraps:

“I’ve been seeing a lot of questions regarding using Jams with gel polish and/or gel nails. So I decided to do a bit of R&D and see what works the best and how the product would actually hold up to every day life.

Nail Tech 2
So let’s start with me, I’m a full time nail tech in a very busy salon. My hands are often in warm water with pedicures and I’m constantly exposed to acetone, rubbing alcohol and cuticle oil. I did my accent nails in the Vintage Chic and I sandwiched it in between gel polish. I prepped and primed my nails as I would for a gel polish using OPI base coat and then a layer of top coat. I buffed the surface of the top coat to take off the shine, cleansed with rubbing alcohol and then applied the wrap as directed. I finished off with two coats of gel top coat capping the ends each time. I did make sure to get the top coat all the way to the edges as well to help prevent lifting in the sidewall.

For the first week I didn’t notice too much wear, but after about day 8 I noticed that the ends of my nails on my working hand were starting to get roughed up and pull up just a bit. So I gently filed the ends of my nails, reapplied some heat, cooled and then top coated again. I also had a small wrinkle in the side of one of my nails on my left hand that was starting to lift. So I made sure that I dried it out, after giving a pedicure, heated the wrap to smooth out the wrinkle and then reapplied top coat. They are ready to go for another week!!

The second picture is of one of my clients who works at a cellular retail store and is also very hard on her nails. 12 days and going strong!  This photo is of Jamberry Leopard wraps layered with Gelousy hard gel over a nail enhancement.

Nail Tech

Its been pretty amazing to see clients sit down in my chair, see my catalog and go, “Jamberry?? I didn’t think you could do those with gels!”

AND on another note, the gel and gel polish does NOT pull away from the wraps. If you have ever used stamps with stamping polish you may have noticed that it can pull away in sections from the stamping polish. The products that I have been using (OPI, Gelousy, Young Nails, Akzentz) do not pull, it lays on top of the wrap and secures to the wrap beautifully. No lifting, peeling or separation.”

If you are a nail tech and would like more information about how you can use Jamberry in your business and get a breakdown of some financial information, please contact me!  I would love to share this opportunity with you and let you know how to earn money by offering this service!  If you’ve already used Jamberry with gels, post a picture below.  If you would like to try a sample, request one here!


31 thoughts on “Step by Step Process for wearing Jamberry nail wraps with Gel Polish

  1. Amy says:

    I have gel nails, but I would feel awkward taking jams into a salon and asking them to apply for me. How would I do them at home? Can they just go on top of the manicure I already have?


  2. peacefulpemakhandro says:

    I have a question – I just started using Jams and I’m having a terrible time get the tips to smooth out. I’m putting them over acrylics with a gel coat, and I don’t want to put a gel coat over the wrap. When I file the excess wrap off the tips it leaves a ragged, rough edge that causes the wrap to lift if I pull on it. I’ve filed with the 2 files that came with the kit, as well as my own glass file and the results are the same. I’ve used both the standard heat method of application and the baggie method. My sales rep and her upline haven’t been able to come up with any ideas to help me as they haven’t come across this before.

    Do you have any suggestions for me to keep the ragged edges away?

    Thank you,


    • I would have suggested a glass nail file because that usually smoothes the edges. You can try a nail clipper but not sure how that would work with acrylics. I’m not sure how much heat you are using my I tend to lean towards less heat than more. I have found I have fewer problems when I don’t heat as much.


  3. Hi Hilary! The gels look great! I am a nail tech and consultant as well. I love gel, gel polish, Jams, you name it I love to experiment and show my clients new things. I would love to hear some pointers from you on how to mesh it all together and get it out there more. I have not been a consultant for a long time and could use some creative tips! Thanks:)


  4. Kim says:

    Just wondering if I can use my regular nail polish (whatever brand, not Jamberry) with the Jamberry Tru Gel system? So, it might look like this – nail polish, jamberry tru gel base coat (cure) then the top coat (cure? Will that work??? I have SO many colours of regular nail polish that I”d like to use!



  5. Maureen says:

    I am looking at the OPI gel top coat and am hoping maybe you can help me. Can it be used by itself over Jams or does the base coat have to be applied over the jam, cured, and then the top coat? Thanks, in advance, for you help!


    • I don’t know how OPI gel works but with Jamberry’s TruShine you need both the base and top coat over the wrap. You can’t use the top coat alone. My guess is it’s the same for OPI but I can’t say for sure. Would love it if you would add a comment letting me know once you find out!!


  6. Llyn says:

    If I did the gel base, top coat gel, jams and top coat gel, how do I apply the wrap? Still the same with the heat process and all? Like you would apply on bare nails? Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Llyn,

      I do wrap first (apply with heat and file/trim), base coat gel, cure, top coat gel, cure, second top coat, cure. Also, I cure each layer for 60 seconds instead of 45. This is what works best for me but don’t be afraid of trial and error. Maybe do a couple of nails at a time to see what works best for you. It’s all really personal preference. Don’t be afraid to play with it to find what works best for you!



  7. Nicole Bear says:

    Hi Hilary. I am a Jamberry consultant and I have been wanting to reach out to some local salons/nail techs, but I don’t know where to start. If you have any advice about what sort of a start up they would need (ie. how many wraps, what other products, etc.) I would really appreciate it.


  8. Jen says:

    Just so I understand, you prep your nail with an OPI nail polish base coat? (NOT a gel?). And that’s how you prep for Jamberry as well as for a gel manicure?


    • Hi Jen, I wrote this before Jamberry introduced their gel system. At this point I apply the wrap directly to my nails (no base coat) and then apply the Trushine base coat, cure, Trushine top coat cure and then personally I do a second top coat, cure but that’s personal preference and totally optional. I also cure for 60 seconds instead of 45. Make sure after you cure your final top coat to wipe your nails with an alcohol wipe. If you want a base coat under the wrap I recommend the smoothing base coat rather than the strengthening base coat (both Jamberry). Again personal preference but I have trouble with the wrap staying on with the strengthening base coat whereas I don’t with the smoothing. But, as I mentioned above, I apply the wrap directly to the nail. Let me know if you have any other questions!!


  9. Hi Hilary,
    I was so excited to read your article! I sent you an email and I am hoping you would be willing to share how you introduce Jamberry to salon owners and techs. It seems like such a perfect fit. I have so many customers who love the jams but cant apply them on their own.


  10. Robin McK says:

    Great blog! I have a technical question: When you are applying your wrap ON TOP of your TruShine enamel, when you file down your wrap, doesn’t it break the seal of the TruShine? I was hoping not to have to add an extra layer of TruShine on top of the wrap again, due to the thickness. Thank you!


      • Robin McK says:

        So, it would be a base coat, 2 colour coats, top coat, then the wrap. Then, I guess and extra base and top coat. & coats including the wrap. Will have to keep it super thin then. Have you tried this whole process yet? With the wrap on top of the TruShine enamel?
        Thanks for your help!


  11. Crystal says:

    Hey have a question when applying on acrylic tips and placing the gel on after the wrap how would we take the wrap and gel off without ruining the acrylic??


  12. Danielle Damen says:

    This blog helped me sooo much thanks heaps. Would love to hear if you have experimented more with Jams since the blog and any more funky ideas.


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