How to Use Jamberry with Shellac/Gel

The question I get asked the most is whether you can use Jamberry with Shellac/Gel (Answer:  Yes) and How!

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Here are some tips shared by various leaders on the Jamberry Leader Board:

  • Wipe the nails with alcohol before applying the wrap.
  • Do NOT use the oil at the end and the buffer bar, we file them and we use a low grade buff bar to take the roughness off. Put the jamberry on like a regular application. Then use a layer of the shellac and bake. The trick is to take the liquid for the shellac all the way over the nail tip and underneath the nail, I do 2 coats. when you use the sparkles (any that have the metallic look on the back) make sure to not stretch or heat the shield to much, It kind of acts like a shrink a dink and shrinks! My nail person and I have been doing them like this for years and have no problems!

The Jamberry Application Kit has a buffing block that you can use for the buffing step!

To take this to the NEXT Level – people are trying our Professional Lacquers with gel, as well:

QUESTION:  Anyone know how the lacquers would work with gels? Do you think these colors would work with my LED lamp? For example, if I used base gel, this color, and then a top coat of gel with my lamp, think it would apply smoothly?

ANSWER:  Not sandwiched in between gel layers, but I have applied them over the top of gel polish and they last great.  Just remember there will be some trial and error to make sure you get it to where it doesn’t peel up – BUT, if done correctly it works.

This is really exciting because our lacquers are AMAZING!!  Want to know WHY?!

  • The colors are beautiful and so vibrant you only need one coat!
  • They are five-free!
  • They are fast-drying!
  • They are vegan!
  • They are gluten free!
  • They are NOT tested on animals!
  • They are made in the USA!!!
  • Can you say that about your current polish?

Don’t take my word for it – request your FREE sample HERE.

Fall Samples on Hands


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