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Set your Intentions for 2015! ❤


Join My Jamberry Team on January 1st!


With the New Year right around the corner, I wanted to share my experience with Jamberry and encourage you to consider joining my Team on January 1, 2015!

I have gained a lot from my year with Jamberry, both personally and financially! I have built a Team of 700 women who are all unique and bring different skills and dreams to this adventure. Want to be a part of something special? Join us!

The one thing we all have in common is our desire to see each other succeed and build better lives for ourselves and our families. It is a true labor of love! If you want to see how Jamberry is changing other people’s lives, get on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and search the hashtag #BecauseofJamberry. You will see life changing testimonials from Consultants sharing their stories. You cannot help but be moved!


My $99 investment has turned into a high 5 figure income, soon to be 6! But the biggest success has been the change inside of me! After two back to back pregnancies, I had really lost “myself”. I no longer cared much about my appearance – I didn’t do my hair, nails or makeup and nothing fit so I was still wearing my maternity clothes as often as I could. And I was too tired to care.

When I first saw Jamberry, I was so excited to find something I could do at home, quickly, while watching my kids, that didn’t cost a lot of money and that would “fit” no matter how out of shape I was. Cue forward a month: Now I had pretty nails! And I was getting paid for it!! A lot!! Something inside me changed! I had hope!


As I went through the Jamberry training, set my goals and continuously CRUSHED THEM, the change in my mindset started to happen…I took the goal setting skills I learned from Jamberry and applied them to my every day life.

First, I started a cleanse to get all of the processed foods out of my system. Next, I started a Pilates program coupled with IDLife meal replacement shakes and supplements. I can happily say that in addition to my Jamberry success, I have lost weight and shredded MANY inches and now fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes (which I have since gotten rid of and used my Jamberry money to replace them with a fun, new wardrobe more appropriate for my NEW, VIBRANT SELF!!) I am quickly on my way to joining the Century Club (students who have attended 100 sessions) at Studio 6 and I have CONTINUED my rise within Jamberry – ALL WHILE HAVING A FULL TIME JOB!!


I am currently a Lead Executive with Jamberry -TWO LEVELS FROM THE TOP!! And I am bringing MY TEAM with me. That’s right! This is no “one hit wonder”! I have a TEAM of LEADERS TOO!! Because the Jamberry combined with my Team method is easy to duplicate and replicate so that you can be a LEADER and have a Team of LEADERS TOO!! I would love to help you reach this level of SUCCESS!!


So here we are, in the FINAL WEEK of 2014. Time for reflection. Time to set your Intentions for the New Year!  Jump ahead to New Year’s Eve 2015 and look at your companions. If they asked you: “HOW WAS 2015 for YOU??” What would you say? Don’t you WANT to be able to say:

IT WAS AMAZING!!! I was able to:

  • Earn the money I need and more!
  • Set and achieve my goals!
  • Make new, supportive friends that want to help and see me achieve my goals!
  • Build my confidence!
  • Live the life I’ve dreamt of living!!

WHATEVER you want to accomplish, you can MAKE IT HAPPEN! I will HELP YOU!


Take that Christmas money and INVEST IT IN YOURSELF, YOUR FUTURE!!! Join My Team!!


Let Jamberry be the Solution to your Resolution!!


Take that first step!

10 Days to Wedding Ready Nails

With winter in full swing and Wedding Season right around the corner, proper hand care is essential.  As the temperatures drop, you are probably noticing that your nails have become dull, weak and brittle.

With just a little TLC, you can be on your way from dry, brittle nails to healthy, strong nails in just ten days!

  • Step One:  Restore and Replenish

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.08.19 PM

Wash your hands with a gentle, moisturizing soap.  Once your nails are clean, restore moisture by soaking your fingers in warm water for 10-15 minutes every night for 10 days.  Take this time to pamper and recharge!  It will benefit more than your nails!

Quick Tip: Add slices of lemon or a few drops of lemon oil to the lukewarm water for extra hydration and brightening power!  The lemon will also help remove excess cuticles!

  • Step Two:  Care for your Cuticles

Moisturizing your cuticles is extremely important to nail health. Dry your hands thoroughly after your daily soak and massage Jamberry’s (nut free) Cuticle Oil into your nails and around your cuticle area each day.  Once the oil has fully absorbed, you need to seal in the moisture.  Apply a thick moisturizing cream (I recommend Quench) to your nails and leave it on overnight.  This allows the moisturizer to get into the nail and keep it hydrated. Use Jamberry’s Nourish on your hands just before you go to sleep so the moisture is fully absorbed before you wake up the next morning!


  • Step Three:  Protect Your Nails

Now that your have replenished, restored and rehydrated your nails, you are on the path to recovery. It is important to steer clear of stripping agents.   No acetone removers.  Use gloves while doing dishes, gardening, and similar activities as often as you can!


Treat your nails like jewels, not tools!  Keep the edges of your nails smooth with a good file to help them grow long and strong (no snags here)!

On the 10th day, you are ready to apply lacquer!  You’ll want to use a quality base coat like Jamberry’s Smoothing Base Coat or Jamberry’s Strengthening Base Coat.  You will be rewarded with beautiful hands to showcase your beautiful manicure.

You’ll want to start today so that by the time you get Jamberry’s Valentine’s Day Gift Set of Lacquers (including the popular 3D Metallic Embellishments) your nails and hands (and ring) will be in showcase condition.

[Updated to add that Jamberry’s TrūShine Gel Enamel System is ideal for your wedding day and will take you straight through your Honeymoon.  The new colors for Spring 2016 will be available just in time for wedding season! <3].

Be sure to periodically integrate these steps into your routine to keep your nails healthy, pretty and strong!

Need an extra Boost?  Try Beauty Boost!  It is a daily supplement that is enhanced with Biotin, which has been shown to promote healthier hair, nails and skin!

For the honeymoon, you may want to try nail wraps.  That way, you have one less thing to worry about!  Host a party to earn all of the products here for free or at half-price!

 Jamberry parties make a fun bridal shower party!



Looking for Party Hostesses in January!!


Valentine’s Day may be a few months away but we are so smitten with our new Valentine’s Day Exclusives designs we couldn’t wait to share!



The only way to get this Exclusive, Limited Edition Lacquer Set, with Metallic 3D Embellishments is to HOST A PARTY in January!  Parties reaching $500 or more in sales during January will qualify for this exclusive Valentine’s Day Gift Set.  Host rewards credit, half price rewards, or discounts may be applied to the purchase.  This incentive will end on January 31 or until supplies last, whichever comes first. So we encourage you to have your party early in the month.

Want to see the lacquer set in action?  Watch this short video:

If that doesn’t convince you…THERE’S MORE!!!

Earn DOUBLE half price items on all parties opened and closed in January that reach $400 in sales. Instead of earning five half price items, Hosts earn ten half price items with $400 in party sales!

Now is the perfect time to stock up on our new Valentine’s Day Collection, featuring these exclusive wraps: ‘Heart Attack‘, ‘Love Potion‘, ‘Love Spell‘, and ‘Melt My Heart‘. (Psst…We have some adorable Valentine’s Jamberry Junior wraps too!)


Each Hostess in January will have the opportunity to earn additional REWARDS from me for completing small, fun challenges – all customized to help your party be successful so you maximize your Host Rewards from Jamberry!

Book your Party TODAY for January and you’ll have already completed one of the Challenges toward extra Rewards!!