How to Apply Jamberry Juniors

Junior Jamicure 2

Having a daughter is amazing for so many reasons!  One thing I didn’t expect was how much I would love to do her nails at such a young age!  We have been doing my daughter’s nails since she was two and a half.  Turns out it involves a lot of fine motor skills, she enjoys it and it’s great bonding time.  So it’s something that we’ve been doing for a while and really enjoy.

Jamberry lacquers and TruShine Gel are Five Free and fast drying so they are a perfect option for using on our daughters.  Since they do not contain all of the toxins of other polishes, we don’t have to worry about those little hands going in their mouths.

We have created a little “spa” experience at home.  We have a beanbag chair that Uncle Ricky gave us.  That is where my daughter sits.  I found that doing it like this helps keep her still so that we get a good application.  Since she is so young, I try not to get too invested in the results and make sure she has fun and that it is more about her experience.

Juniors 2

What does that mean?  Well, it means she gets to pick the color.  It means her brother gets to “help” and it sometimes means she gets to paint them herself…One of the nice things about these lacquers is that they are very heavily pigmented so one coat is usually enough.  You would think that would mean that if (who are we kidding, when) it got on her skin it would be difficult to come off but I have found that isn’t the case. Give it an hour or two and the mess will sort of clean itself up.  It sort of rubs/crumbles off of the skin.

Juniors w cupcake

I usually try to paint the color and let her paint the top coat or glitter.  It’s less problematic (and noticeable) if these are messy than the main color.   I do let her participate because, like I said, this is more about her and gives her a sense of accomplishment, helps develop those motor skills and quite frankly is a lot more fun.

Junior Jam of Day

Applying the wraps to her tiny hands is also fun!  First of all, Jamberry makes it EASY because they have a full line of Jamberry Juniors.  These were made for little hands aged 3 – 8!  A lot of these styles even come in coordinating styles for adults so that you can have a Mommy & Me matching manicure/pedicure.  We love to mix and match the wraps with the lacquers.  Here are some tips to applying the junior wraps to children:

  • First and, most importantly, Practice.  It’s going to take a little trial and error to find out what works best for you and your daughter.
  • Wash with de-greasing soap (like Dawn).  It doesn’t have to be Dawn, just make sure you don’t use anything with any kind of moisturizer or something with oils.
  • Gently push the cuticles back with a rubber tipped cuticle pusher (like the one in the Jamberry Application Kit)
  • Wipe the nails with an alcohol wipe or a cotton square sprayed with/soaked in white vinegar.  Do one finger at a time just right before application to that nail.  Make sure to give it a few seconds to dry completely first. (I put some vinegar in a little spray bottle so that I can just spritz it on the nail and wipe with a dry cotton square.  I use only 100% cotton.
  • Do not to touch the adhesive – pick the wrap up and apply to the nail using either a tweezer or a wooden orange stick.
  • Place the wrap in front of the heater for just a few seconds like you would normally do with a regular sized wrap.
  • When you apply the nail, make sure the wrap is only touching the nail, not the cuticle or any skin at all. If it does, the seal will not be air tight and the wraps will bubble or peel.
  • Apply using pressure.  Sometimes little girls are intimidated by the heater.  To get around that, you can also use a rice bag to heat the wrap (instead of the heater).  You can place the wrap on the nail cold and then apply a rice bag that’s been heated either in the microwave or on a mug warmer.  I use the mug warmer (over the microwave) because the heat is more even and a little more controlled.  Make sure it is not too hot.
  • Avoid submerging the nails in water (bath, swimming, etc.) for a few hours after application. In fact, the best time to apply is right before bed so the wraps have a chance to “set” or “cure” while she sleeps.
  • Do not put moisturizer/lotion/oils on hands for a few hours after.
Juniors 1
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Regular Junior Sample
Trouble Shooting Tips:
Problem: They come off the next day.
Cause: The child has picked them off.
Solution: Bribe the child. 😉
Problem: They come off the next day.
Cause: Children have very oily nail beds and thicker cuticles that are usually overgrown which sometimes causes some issues in application.

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Fall Samples on Hands


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