Jamberry Five Free Lacquer – Customer Review

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Jamberry Nail Lacquer is a professional quality nail polish comparable to brands like Christian Louboutin ($50 per bottle) and Julep ($14 per bottle). OPI and Orly pale in comparison (emphasis mine). The rich pigmentation and color payoff is immediate, resulting in one coat coverage for most colors. Of the 6 lacquers I tested, all 6 were streak free and smooth. To prepare for painting, make sure you have adequately removed all cuticle and prepped nails with rubbing alcohol or Jamberry’s proprietary nail prep solution. For absolute best results, a base coat should be used, either Jamberry’s base coat or Orly Rubberized Bonder. One to two coats of laquer is sufficient for great coverage. If you’re going to use a Jamberry nail [wrap] over the top of the polish, only do one coat. There’s a bit of a learning curve to these high-end lacquers, as they are thicker and creamier than typical polishes. Using your Jamberry mini-heater will help speed the drying process, not because of the heat, but because the air flow will help dry the lacquer. Top either with a fast drying, high-shine top coat like Jamberry offers or one like Seche Vitae (warning, this does contain toluene!) OR slide a clear style Jamberry wrap over top for the ultimate in nail art!” ~ Amanda B.

A note to add that this customer used the Julep Plié Wand ($25) to apply the lacquer instead of the brush that came with the Jamberry products.

  • The colors are beautiful and so vibrant you only need one coat!
  • They are five-free!
  • They are fast-drying!
  • They are vegan!
  • They are gluten free!
  • They are NOT tested on animals!
  • They are made in the USA!!!

Can you say that about your current polish?


And when you are ready to take your lacquers off, Jamberry now has a non-acetone lacquer remover that is to DIE for.  Trust me, I was skeptical because of the price but there is magic in that bottle.  The bottle is a pump top, it requires very little and it leaves your nails super moisturized.  I use it to remove my wraps and they just roll off with very little resistance.  I’m a true believer now.  Honestly, of all the new products released, this one wasn’t even on my radar.  Now it is my favorite out of all of them.  And I love the others but this one OWNS me!!


Request a sample of the wraps (not the lacquer) HERE.


Jamicure of the Day – Caribbean Snakeskin


I had a hard time getting him to hold still for the photo shoot with my new Caribbean Snakeskin wraps.
This is a rhino ratsnake (Rhynchophis boulengeri). They are native to northern Vietnam and China. When they are born they are gray in color, but turn into this beautiful green as they mature. Their name comes from the modified scales on their snout that looks similar to a rhino horn.

Jamicure of the Day – #TCUHornedFrogsJN


“Phrynosoma on my fingers to match the phrynosoma in my hand!
Biology lesson: this is a Phrynosoma asio – also known as a horned lizard or a horny toad. They are native to the southwest United States and Mexico. They have an unusual defense mechanism – these lizards are able to shoot blood from their eye sockets to distract and frighten predators.
This is the TCU Horned Frogs wrap. I don’t actually care much about TCU but I do like horny toads! Hope you guys enjoyed!”


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