I signed up with a Direct Sales company…now what?! Show me the money!

This sums up direct sales and Jamberry perfectly! 🙂

Jamberry by Queen P Designs

I often find myself wondering…”Aren’t there any other hard workers, like myself, out there who want to provide for their family while being able to stay at home? Why don’t more people like direct sales?  When people are looking for extra income or even tax relief, where are they going?”

  • Maybe they believe that all direct sales companies are created equal; therefore, they are all “pyramid schemes?”
  • Maybe they think of direct sales as more of a “get rich quick” deal where it sounds to good to be true, so it must be false??
  • Perhaps there are simply too many individuals that have signed up with a direct sales company and then waited for the customers to come to them; thus leaving a bad taste in the mouth of others due to their lack of success.

I tend to think it is most likely the latter of the three.  Far too often, a…

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