Jamicure of the Day – Candy Chevron by the Camp Fire

10881574_463979007113234_5921414332560403126_n 11202951_463979010446567_6711854415781102755_n

Trudy S. always has the most beautiful Jamicures but she has really taken it to another level:

“I had just taken my wraps off to do a new set when hubby asked how much longer I needed. He thought we could go out tonight and set around the campfire. A light bulb went off!

I told him to give me 2 minutes to gather up my supplies and I would just do them at the lake. There were 19 people setting around the fire. 15 of them ladies. (the guys were cleaning fish and visiting elsewhere) While the other ladies were setting visiting, crocheting, peeling potatoes, I broke out my Jams and simply started applying. I wasn’t even trying to draw attention. wink emoticon smile emoticon The questions started rolling. Most of them had seen my posts, but never really caught their attention. They were watching intently and were amazed at how quickly and easy they went on… (They were also commenting on how pretty my natural nails were and I told them they were horrible before I started using all of those products combined).” 

There were applied at CAMP FIRE!!!! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Products: Beauty Boost, Strengthening Base Coat, Candy Chevron and Grape Fruit


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