Which Mystery Lacquer Did YOU Get with Your September StyleBox?

Some BIG changes arrived with this month’s StyleBox!  When you first join StyleBox, you take a quiz to see if your style is Classic, Trendy or Feminine.  Up until now, the products were the same regardless of your Style.  The only difference was the recommendation for how to wear your StyleBox according to your style.

That all changes NOW.

Now there are THREE uniquely different StyleBoxes – each with its own two exclusive products for the month.  And usually a bonus gift.  This month’s bonus gift is a mystery lacquer.  What better way to celebrate the expansion of Jamberry’s Five Free Professional Line of Lacquer?  Now there are a total of FORTY NINE (as in FOUR NINE) lacquers to choose from.

12002103_507039796140488_8012093558249712520_nAnd make no mistake about it!  The colors are AMAZING.

So with the arrival of this month’s Stylebox, it has been fun finding out which lacquer everyone got!  Here is mine!!!  I love it!!  Everyone was posting their picture on Facebook and I literally COULD NOT WAIT until the end of the day so I called my husband, had him open mine and take this picture and send it to me!  I’ll be honest…he wasn’t as excited about this as I am!!

But I AM!  Who DOESN’T like Fun Mail??

Which Style are you?  Check out this video and decide for yourself!

Don’t worry! If you take the quiz and don’t like what style you get, you can change.  You will always get a preview of each box so you can change before it ships!

Take the guesswork out of your order each month!!







Get yours today!!! Order before the 15th to get September’s Stylebox!  
If you have any questions, please ask me!
Haven’t tried Jamberry yet?  Request a sample HERE!

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