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You can use your host rewards on these little pretties!


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Stamping with Jamberry Lacquers

Give your creative side a go!  Stamping is one of the latest nail trends and it should come as no surprise that Jamberry Lacquers are great for stamping!!  Here we have Suede stamped with Frosting.  Robyn used used Pueen stamping plates with a Konad stamper. This is Frosting lacquer over Suede lacquer.

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Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

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Jamberry Hostess Rewards for “Jam”uary Have Been Announced!

After the Hustle and Bustle of the Holidays, you will be ready for some GIRL TIME!!


Now is the time to book a party for “Jam”uary!  Choose your own theme:

Wine and Wraplication
Wraps and ‘Ritas
Beer, Chips & Tips

or raise money for your favorite cause!

You invite your friends and pick a theme and leave the rest to me!

Out of town? Don’t worry, Jamberry has an amazing Party in a Box!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 5.51.18 AM

Host a Qualifying Party ($400+ in sales) in “Jam”uary and, in addition to our already JAMAZING hostess gifts, you also earn:

✯ 1.5x normal Product Credits, 5 Extra Half-Off Items, and a Bonus Valentine’s Wrap!

That’s right!  All parties closed during the month of January, with 400 party points or more, will receive:

➢ 1.5x the normal number of product credits (50% bonus)

➢ 5 extra half-off items

➢ Additionally, all parties closed between January 1st (at 12:00 a.m. MT) through January 15th (at 11:59 p.m. MT), with 400 party points or more, will receive “Love Notes”, a 2016 Valentine’s day wrap!

Whether you want to stock up on the holiday styles or want to have your credits ready for the new spring holiday styles, you are going to want to take advantage of these special rewards!

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Boxing Day Specials Announced by Jamberry!

Hey all of my Aussie and Kiwi customers!  Jamberry has announced your very own Boxing Day Specials!  So special that even I can’t get the exclusive wraps being offered!!!

Here’s a look at what’s coming to you next week!!





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Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

Jamberry is MORE than just Pretty Nails!!! My Two Year Journey

As 2015 comes to a close, it is inevitable that you will start to think about changes you want to make in  your life for 2016.  If fun, financial freedom and making your dreams come true are near the top of your list, you really should consider Jamberry!


Yesterday was my two year “Jam”iversary!  And what a journey it has been!  My story is a little different than most in that I had never done any sales before, much less direct sales, and I already had a full time, professional job as a partner in a law firm.  I don’t share my story often because it’s not really as compelling as some.  But it is my story, so I’ll share it today!

When I signed up, I didn’t sign up for myself.  I signed up for my husband.  He has a promotional products company and I thought Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio was just another custom product he could sell!  I won’t go into details about that conversation but suffice it to say my husband didn’t share my enthusiasm about him selling Jamberry!

When weighing my initial purchase, I figured I’d at least buy the heater, four wraps and the application kit for $84 – often marketed is “Everything you Need” or (for $15 more) buy the kit.  I am not sure why I even considered the kit but I did the math and figured that even if neither of us ever did anything with the business opportunity, at most I was out the extra $15.  I had never even tried the product but it looked fun.  There was something that just appealed to me about the “opportunity” of having a business if I decided to give it a try.

While I was thinking it over, I took the catalog to work and was actually surprised by how my co-workers responded to it.  In a good way!  I had a client come in that day who is very savvy in beauty/fashion matters and showed it to her and was blown away by her reaction, as well!  So with that, I decided to spend the extra $15 and get the kit.

So I bought kit and I think made a Facebook post about my new “business” and that was it.  And then something very bizarre happened.  Three people signed up underneath me before I even had my first sale.  It was at that time that I legitimately began to see the opportunity that was in front of me and I began to take it a little more seriously.  Over the last two years I have worked my Jamberry business along side my law practice “in my spare time” and in the two years I’ve had this side hustle, I’ve made a substantial amount of money and built an incredible team full of stories like the ones below!

But that’s not really “my story”.  Mine has been one of personal growth and setting and hitting goals.  Because THAT is what Jamberry has taught me to do.  I was regularly crushing my Jamberry goals and I slowly started to realize how applicable that could be to my personal life.  Things like diet and exercise.  And I began a journey of self improvement.   A journey of breaking down mental barriers to successes that so far had eluded me.


And all the while, I continued to fly up the ranks at Jamberry – earning the honor of being one of the Founder’s Club members and hitting Lead Executive – one of the top ranks in Jamberry.  I’ve gone to conferences and executive retreats.  I’ve received flowers, phone calls, jewelry and bonuses from the home office and earned lots of incentives.  I’ve taken every course available from Jamberry and other direct sales professionals, like Belinda Ellsworth, Dana Wilde and Julianne Jones.  I’ve held local meetings, area meetings and online trainings for my team and others.  I’ve adopted team members who don’t have the support of their uplines.  I’ve had fun, been frustrated, been excited, experienced the highs and the lows and everything in between.  But mostly, I’ve had personal growth in all of the right ways!

But with all of that being said and done, there was one thing that was bothering me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  And that was comparing my experience with Jamberry to that of my experience at my law firm.  That same  personal growth that I was experiencing with Jamberry just didn’t exist at my firm.  And after almost two years of enjoying the rewards of appreciation and acknowledgment, I knew that just wouldn’t work for me anymore…so I resigned.

At the beginning of November, I turned in my resignation and November 30 was supposed to be my last day.  They asked me to stay through the end of the year but I told them I would stay through the 11th.  Which coincidentally was the last day of my second year with Jamberry!  So on the 12th, the day of my two year anniversary with Jamberry, I start a new journey – I will be building my own practice and building my own dreams.


I’m excited to start this new journey!  Jamberry will continue to be a part of it and I’m already scheduled to attend my next Executive Retreat!  As I sit in the excellent training that they provide to us, I will get two things out of it – how to build my Jamberry business and how to build my law practice.  I’ll be focused on how to reach my goals for 2016 in both of my businesses.


You might be asking yourself why I do both – well, it’s fun!  It’s as simple as that!  It exercises different parts of my brain.  It allows me to be around fun people and part of something beautiful.  It really doesn’t matter why!  The question you should be asking yourself is how would Jamberry improve your life?  Here are some testimonials from other Jamberry leaders about how this opportunity has changed their lives:

  • Tara Lagona:  “I cried the day I bought my kit as it put my credit card $14 away from maximum. I was so certain I had made a mistake. I made my money back within the first day I sold in parties. Now I earn on average an amount equal to what I take home in my FT job. And I don’t cry over my credit card anymore.”
  • Camille Nyman: “My husband and I were so poor before we started we shared rides with friends that month to squeeze our gas budget and skimped on groceries in favor of cheapie items (hello pbj and ramen!) to come up with kit money. Within 1 month I was paying for all our groceries. Within 3 months I was a TM and my husband had quit one of 3 jobs he had. Within 1 year he’s now down to 1 normal person job, I’m at full time income and we’re financially stable moving to a safe neighborhood out of Baltimore city.”
  • Lisa Eriksson (an Elite Executive and one of Jamberry’s top recruiters): “YEP Me..I borrowed The money to join! ..Also Im not a fan of the kit credit..In almost 4 years I have only had someone use 1… I always say if their is a will they will find a way even if they have to hold on and save the money!”
  • Lindsey Hewell: “I had a garage sale and used that money to join. I was a SAHM with no extra money at the time because things had gotten very tight for my family! I didn’t want to ask my husband either bc I knew he’d say no. I joined in hopes for $200-$300 a month just to help with groceries! I earned my kit money back in my launch party and in 1 year I achieved the rank of Lead Exec! Jamberry has helped my family financially in so many ways! We have money in the bank, credit cards being paid off, my 3 kids have $ in their accouts to save for cars. Nothing is ever put on a credit card now. The list can go on and on. Best decision ever!!”
  • Brittany Kolba (the first Canadian Elite Executive and one of the coolest Jamsisters there is): “We spent our gas money on the kit. I felt sick about it. 9 months later I quit both my part time and full time jobs, and planned an entire wedding and bought a car, all with jam money.”
  • Lindsay White: “I was a full time nurse at the time I signed up. A single mom living paycheck to paycheck. I was barely making it. I actually used a check that my insurance company gave me to pay off a medical bill. But it was the only way I could sign up. I made my kit money back within 4 days, paid my medical bill smile emoticon Fast forward one year later and now I am a part time nurse. And I don’t HAVE to work as a nurse, I just choose to because I love doing it. My credit score has gone up nearly 100 points. I’ve got a lot of my debt paid off. I went to Vegas on Jamberry money. Paid for conference as well. I make double-triple my nursing income now! Best decision I have ever made.”
  • Steph Cowart: “I joined after my husband was out of work for 3 months. We were struggling. The money was xmas money from his parents to me- not to be spent on anyone but me. My husband said not to sign up, since I wasn’t a business person (true) but I sneaked and did anyways. After that, he helped me get started and I hit TM in 3 months and Lead executive in less than a year!”
  • Dawn Partlow: “I literally used the last $50 in my bank to buy the kit. I now support my entire 8 person family on my Jamberry income.”
  • Kelsey Beyer: “I also had to borrow the money to join! It motivates me and it paid itself off super quickly. Best investment into my family’s future we could have made and something I’ll be forever grateful for stopping our cycle of poverty! It is now our sole income.”
  • Alicia Bennett:  “I also had to borrow the money to join! It really motivated me. I wanted to pay my friend back ASAP..so I worked hard and paid her back with my first Jam check. We needed the money…without Jamberry I wouldn’t have been able to stay home with my kids. Jamberry now takes care of the majority of our bills and I look forward to the day soon when my husband quits his second job and can be home more. smile emoticonJamberry got me out of the “slums” and I am so grateful!”
  • Rachel Bufano (one of my favorite Elite Executives):  “I signed up on August 24, 2013 to try and recover financially after losing our apartment and most of our belongings in Hurricane Sandy. I was cleaning houses on a very part time basis. And used the last of that money on my kit. Our bills were 5 months behind, shutoff notices were the norm and worrying about how we were going to be able to continue to feed our three boys was becoming a real concern. So I jumped in blind, hoping for the best.  The first few months, I made a few hundred bucks. I blame my lack of motivation and belief I could actually succeed in  holding me back a bit. I didn’t have much faith in myself or Jamberry and in December, I almost quit because I thought it wasn’t going anywhere. I decided with the new year to be more positive, work harder and find faith in myself and the company. I set a few attainable goals for myself and surpassed them. I hit team manager! And then in February, I double promoted to Executive. My checks went up and by March I was making over $3,000 a month. I continued to climb the ranks by being positive, happy and believing in the company. I purchased our first home last August, the same month I hit the top rank of the company, Elite Executive and which also happened to be the month of my anniversary! I purchased my first brand new car in October and we are currently debt free outside of our home and my car. I would have NEVER imagined this life two years ago.”
  • Becky Moynihan (has the prettiest Jamicures): “I applied the kit cost to our credit card that was close to being maxed out, but we had been living like that for years so it wasn’t too hard to do. After years of never getting ahead, always living paycheck to paycheck and many times not knowing when the next paycheck would arrive, I was just done with it! As a stay at home mom, I felt helpless to contribute to our financial needs, but for the first time, I felt true hope when I heard of the Jamberry opportunity!! I started off just wanting to help pay off a few monthly bills that we couldn’t afford and then, half a year later, I was paying for ALL my family’s financial needs and then some!! All our debt is now gone (no credit card balance, no student loans) and I have been the sole financial provider in our household for the last 7 months! It has been MORE than a blessing! Jamberry has truly changed our lives and I now have the opportunity to financially bless others with my generous paycheck as well!”
  • Jayci Laine: “Hey! My husband said I was not allowed to spend ANY money on “such a scam” (I cry laughing now). In two days I sold enough clothes to get the money to do it. I just went through my closet and then got on my local “online garage sale site” (most communities have them). It felt even more special and meaningful because I did that with MY money and I put forth the effort. I made my starter kit back in the first three days and it all went in MY pocket. Hubby is shocked now. sometimes I keep an extra hundred or so to myself hahahaha.”

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How can you afford NOT to do this?

Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!
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Jamicure of the Day – TruShine and Wrap Mixed Mani!


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Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!