Daily Meditation 12/23/15




Daily Meditation 12/10/15




About 10 or so years ago I wasn’t at the happiest point in my life.  One day I sat down and I did just exactly what this graphic says. I made a list of ten things that I enjoyed/made me happy and then I realized how few of those things I actually did/had in my daily life.

I very methodically set about doing the things that were on my list and my life became 1000 % happier.  It really is such a simple thing.  Not always easy, but very simple.

At this same time, I made it a game to find 10 beautiful things on my drive to (or from) work – no repeats.  Ten doesn’t seem like a lot until you’ve covered all of the obvious things.  Then I really had to dig deep sometimes to find those ten things but I always did.  And as I began to see the beauty in the more mundane/less obvious things, the more appreciative I became of those things.

And the last thing was the hardest.  I forced myself to be present and make eye contact and small talk with people.  I just had to engage.  So if I was in an elevator with someone, instead of burying my head in my phone, I forced myself to say something.  Sometimes it was the default about weather.  Sometimes I would compliment their shoes/shirt/bag.  Sometimes I’d make a joke about something.  But in these simple interactions where I really didn’t need or expect anything from these people, it made life a lot more pleasant.  It opened me up and helped me let my guard down.
Give it a try!