Happy 1st Day of Spring!! 🌻

I’m not going to lie…Spring is my favorite time of year.  I get almost giddy just thinking about the beautiful weather – where it’s still cool but the sun is shining and you can smell fresh cut grass anywhere you go!  There’s something about it that gives me so much hope and joy!  It’s also when I begin to crave a saturation in color!!10624043_574131959431271_2041345411632420336_o

I’ve completely fallen into the Lula Roe craze!!  Gingham is once again popping up on the spring and summer 2016 runways and this time it’s in more colors and styles than ever before!  Even after buying these I was still a little dubious until they came in the mail…and I put them on…and the leggings were as buttery soft as they say!!  💕  Because they are so soft they don’t really “hold everything in” as much as I would like but the comfort definitely overrides that factor!

I also bought several really great colorful swimsuits from Swimsuits for All, along with a cute cover up!  So excited for all of this color!!
Now it was time to find the perfect manicure!  I fell in love with Dynasty as soon as I saw it.  I’ll be honest I’m not really a mixed mani girl.  Mainly because my efforts up to this point have fallen a little short.  I really wanted to do something crazy (even though that’s not super my style – but hey – Spring Fever) so I opened it up to my team. (That’s Dynasty on the left…don’t ask about the other two – you can’t get those).
Well, my team reeled it in for me and saved me from another mixed mani disaster.  Here’s the finished product:
Fun but still understated…Just Like Me!! 😃😃😃 They really “nailed it”!!!  I am so happy with it and it makes me smile and brings me joy – just like Spring!!
And it was the perfect accessory (along with my new Lula Roe shirt) to the Crawfish Boil put on by the Men’s Club at my son’s school!!  What a perfect way to kick off Spring!

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