Really Excited about #JamCon2015


The Jamberry Conference is this week and I’m pretty excited about it!  The theme this year is Be You Be Beautiful and it’s something that Jamberry really emphasizes and encourages its Consultants to believe!  It’s this empowering message that I’ve seen change women’s lives time and time again.  It’s one of the things that keeps me hanging around no matter what – seeing women who used to be in debt, who used to work at jobs they hated, who stayed in abusive relationships because they didn’t think anything was better, who were depressed for any number of reasons – who through the power of Jamberry have turned their lives around for the better.  It’s had a profound impact on me!

So as Conference gets started and I get to see my Team – some for the first time – I’m truly excited!  It’s such a process!  I have been collecting things for the swag bags for my Team for a few months.  I love the way they turned out (will post a picture in a few days after I’ve delivered them).  We ordered shirts for a lot of the Consultants – over 1,600 (which is more than HALF of the Consultants attending).

11755270_10153555631396095_5595875680314221516_n11751816_10153555631206095_6968506344368490204_nTomorrow those will be boxed up and delivered to the Gaylord Texan and the fun will begin!  It starts poolside on Thursday with a reunion of those Executives who attended the Executive Retreat in Orlando.  From there we will have some Leader Training.  Next is a meet and greet for my Team by the pool!  I have the Founder’s Club dinner later that evening which will segueway into the Denim & Diamonds party for all Consultants.

Friday morning will come the big announcement of exactly WHEN we will launch in Australia and New Zealand.  If you are interested in learning more about that opportunity, join my Opportunity Group!  Trainings are packed from sun up to sun down and then that evening is the Executive Gala!  Last year we all went up on stage and introduced ourselves.  I imagine there are too many of us this year and the format will be different – at least I hope so!!  And then Saturday it is more training and shopping with the Closing Ceremony!  I wish there was a little more down time and I might decide to skip a session or two just to chill out.  But you can be sure I won’t miss out on the shopping!


Someone posted this picture (that is not me pictured) but I saw my name!  I have no idea what it is!!  Can’t wait to take my picture by it!!  You can follow along for all of the announcements and updates at my Facebook Conference Event!



Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

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Manis and Margaritas at #JamCon2015


Do you live in the DFW area?  On Saturday, July 25, 2015, Jamberry will be hosting a special Fiesta at the Gaylord Texas with Manis and Margaritas for FREE! Free wraps, free gifts, food, friends and fun!  If you attend as my guest, I will have even more goodies for you!  Let me know if you want to attend as my guest!!

Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

Haven’t tried Jamberry yet?  Request a sample HERE!