Happy 1st Day of Spring!! 🌻

I’m not going to lie…Spring is my favorite time of year.  I get almost giddy just thinking about the beautiful weather – where it’s still cool but the sun is shining and you can smell fresh cut grass anywhere you go!  There’s something about it that gives me so much hope and joy!  It’s also when I begin to crave a saturation in color!!10624043_574131959431271_2041345411632420336_o

I’ve completely fallen into the Lula Roe craze!!  Gingham is once again popping up on the spring and summer 2016 runways and this time it’s in more colors and styles than ever before!  Even after buying these I was still a little dubious until they came in the mail…and I put them on…and the leggings were as buttery soft as they say!!  💕  Because they are so soft they don’t really “hold everything in” as much as I would like but the comfort definitely overrides that factor!

I also bought several really great colorful swimsuits from Swimsuits for All, along with a cute cover up!  So excited for all of this color!!
Now it was time to find the perfect manicure!  I fell in love with Dynasty as soon as I saw it.  I’ll be honest I’m not really a mixed mani girl.  Mainly because my efforts up to this point have fallen a little short.  I really wanted to do something crazy (even though that’s not super my style – but hey – Spring Fever) so I opened it up to my team. (That’s Dynasty on the left…don’t ask about the other two – you can’t get those).
Well, my team reeled it in for me and saved me from another mixed mani disaster.  Here’s the finished product:
Fun but still understated…Just Like Me!! 😃😃😃 They really “nailed it”!!!  I am so happy with it and it makes me smile and brings me joy – just like Spring!!
And it was the perfect accessory (along with my new Lula Roe shirt) to the Crawfish Boil put on by the Men’s Club at my son’s school!!  What a perfect way to kick off Spring!

Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

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Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

Top 3 Ways You are Ruining Your Manicure

#1: You are Not Thoroughly Washing and Drying Your Hands.

Your nails have natural oils that can keep your polish from adhering properly. Seriously.  I had never even heard of oily nail beds before I joined Jamberry but since then I have learned that this is the number one reason that most people only get day from their manicure – whether using wraps or lacquers.  So if you are one of those people, let’s take a closer look at your nail prep.  After you wash and dry your hands, do a quick wipe with the Jamberry Nail Prep.  Make sure you leave a proper time for the nail bed to completely dry.  Any moisture causes the nail bed to expand which can impact the longevity of your manicure.  Jamberry product for this step:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.23.23 PM

#2: You are Filing Your Nails in Different Directions

If you use your file in a sawing motion, you are doing it wrong.  Sawing your nails makes them weaker and they will be more susceptible to peeling and breaking.  To get the shape you want, gently file your nail in one direction.  Work from the outside in on one side and then the other. Since your nails are thinner on the side you want to work toward the middle.  Another tip is to hold your file at a 45 degree angle, tilting it so you file from underneath your nail.  This allows you to see what you’re doing and can actually prevent you from “over” filing your nail.  Jamberry product for this step:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.46.09 PM

#3: Ignoring Your Cuticles

You need to hydrate your cuticles (with cuticle oils and creams) but you also need to safely remove excess cuticles (with cuticle removers).  These two steps are not one and the same.  Nor are they interchangeable.   First and foremost, the best thing you can do for yourself is drink lots and lots of water.  Contrary to popular belief, cuticle oils and cuticle removers are not one and the same—nor can they be used interchangeably. Oils help moisturize, while removers act like an exfoliating treatment for your nail beds.  Start by massaging a cuticle remover like Jamberry’s Cuticle Remover Pen that is perfect for  your handbag or travel.  This helps remove the cuticle from the nail, but it also gets rid of dead skin in a safe and effective manner.   Apply a cuticle oil after completing your manicure to add hydration – and then use once or twice a day thereafter.



Some quick tips for maintaining your manicure:

  • Use cuticle oil every day.
  • Keep your nail length uniform
  • Drink lots of water!!!

Share some of your favorite nail tips in the comments!

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Want to know more about the Jamberry Opportunity?  Message me for a One on One Consultation!
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Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

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Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 5.51.18 AM

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Now Is the Time to Give Jamberry a Try!

Jamberry really has spent its time doing R&R to make sure it is bringing only top of the line products that work to the market.


They are getting it right! Am I biased because I sell Jamberry? Yes and no. If I were not selling Jamberry, there is a good chance I never would have known about these products (or a lot of others) or how well they work because I (not unlike you) was not aware of how awesome direct sales products can be! That’s right, I turned my nose up too. But at the same time, I was the master of at home pedicures and had tried so many nail products over the years.

I was initially intrigued by Jamberry nail wraps because I do not have the time nor the talent to create nail art, much less the budget to have it done. Those Pinterest nail swirls where you stick your nail in a concoction of oil and polish? Hello, Pinterest Fail! $5 for a daisy on my big toe? I can’t get down with that. But I like it! I sure do!! So when I had the chance to bring that fun to my fingernails, I paid attention! And from there I have slowly (and sometimes suspiciously) tried all of the Jamberry products and have become quite the enthusiast for most of them!!

The Five Free Lacquer appeals to me on so many levels. I want to limit the toxins that I introduce to myself and my children. I still like to have short, clean naked nails so I do not want to use anything on my nails that will make them look bad when they are bare.



Jamberry Nail Lacquers won the Self Magazine Health Beauty Award in 2014 and here is why:

  • The colors are beautiful and so vibrant you only need one coat!
  • They are five-free!
  • They are fast-drying!
  • They are vegan!
  • They are gluten free!
  • They are NOT tested on animals!
  • They are made in the USA!!!


Before the Non Acetone Lacquer Remover was introduced, I used coconut oil to remove my Jams because it seemed really counterintuitive to me to use acetone remover when our other products were going in a more natural, less toxic direction. I really wasn’t using the Lacquers because I did not want to use the acetone removers.

It’s almost like Jamberry was in my head – because this spring, they introduced all of these amazing products that addressed my remaining concerns. That Non Acetone Lacquer Remover has changed my nail care life! My 3 year old daughter prefers the lacquers to the wraps so it is even more important to me that I am comfortable using these products on her. And I am!


Request a sample of the wraps HERE.

Easy at Home Steps for the Perfect Manicure

11074322_441153616062440_5474100133415238718_nI want to let you in on a little known secret:  Jamberry is more than just nail wraps.  Jamberry has quietly and quickly been developing and introducing some of the most innovative nail care products on the market.  No joke.  So, regardless of what you think about nail wraps, regardless of what you think about direct sales and regardless of what you think you know about nail care – take note of this:  Jamberry is producing some game changers in the “do-it-yourself” nail care market.

All of us have busy schedules and hectic lives.  And while we all love the pampering of a professional manicure and pedicure, we do not always have the time or the budget.  But it doesn’t mean we’re ready to give up our nail care altogether.  And for that, there is Jamberry!  Jamberry has done all of the hard work for you.  Let’s go through this process step-by-step.  This should take approximately 35 minutes from start to finish:

Part I:  Nail Care:

Step 1:  Start by removing your old nail polish. I have said this a million times, because it’s true – Jamberry’s Non-Acetone Lacquer Remover is my favorite product from the S|S 2015 Jamberry Catalog.  This is true whether you use other Jamberry products or not.  It is great for removing Jamberry’s Five Free Lacquers and Jamberry wraps but it is also amazing at removing other brands, as well.


There may be some initial sticker shock when you see the price (and let’s face it – there is and there will be – there was for me too) but I am telling you, you won’t regret it.  I got the bottle shown here in early March.  I have used it almost weekly since then and my bottle is only down to the lettering on the bottle.  So it does not take much.  Meaning this will last a while.

I simply cannot rave enough about this stuff.  First, the pump top bottle has been a  life changer.  This makes the whole process easier and cleaner and allows you to use a whole lot less.  Second, the stuff works.  I call it magic in a bottle.  Third, it leaves a slight residue that really makes your nails look and feel great.  I know nails are not “living” and can’t “breathe” but there is a distinct difference in my nails from before I was using this stuff and now.  My nails look fantastic and are not breaking as easily.  Magic.in.a.bottle!  (But I digress – removal is step one!)


Step 2:  Clip your nails straight across to the length you prefer, then file nails in one direction so the corners are slightly rounded. Finish off by filing with the fine-grade side. To ensure your nails are the same length after filing, line each nail up with its counterpart.  Think “squoval”.

It is the most flattering shape and it maintains the strength of your nails, which will help keep your manicure looking its best.

Step 3Apply cuticle remover to cuticles.  Jamberry has made this easier with the Cuticle Remover Pen (my second favorite product from the S|S 2015 Jamberry Catalog).  I also like Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover but it is a lot thicker and messier.  With one click of your Jamberry Cuticle Remover Pen, you can neatly apply this cuticle remover with no waste.  And while the pen is handy for keeping with you at all times, my favorite time to apply is right before I hop in the shower because…

Relaxing Nail Soak for when you have the time to pamper yourself!

Step 4:  Soak your Nails.  It’s important to soak nails before pushing back your cuticles.  By applying the remover right before I hop in the shower, I am combining Steps 3 and 4.  Efficiency is key for my lifestyle.  This way I don’t have to skip a step and it is one step that makes a HUGE difference in how long your manicure lasts.  But it is also the step that gets skipped the most.  Don’t do that.  If you HAVE time to pamper (and I hope you do!!), prepare a nail soak by placing a few drops of cuticle oil, jojoba or almond oil (in a pinch, any oils will do) in a bowl of warm water. Soak your hands for 5 minutes. Pat dry.  It IS essential that your nails are dry before you move onto the next step.

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