Host a “Back for Black” Party


I’m looking for hostesses!!

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Jamberry has special deals planned from Black Friday through Cyber Monday that you will not want to miss!

How would you like to host a Four Day Facebook Party where you can Christmas shop from the convenience of your home (or your cell phone) with all of your friends, take advantage of all of the specials AND earn Hostess Rewards??

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The first five people to contact me and book a qualifying* party for those four days will get a free sheet from me!

The first person to book an “in home” qualifying* party with me that weekend will get a free mini-heater from me!

I will be doing *flash* specials for all of my hostesses that weekend, as well!


Don’t miss out on the FUN!!

If you don’t live in the DFW area and would like to host a catalog party, I will work with you and pick a booking prize for you too!
*Qualifying parties are parties with $200 in sales or more.



Stay Tuned for Jamberry’s Black Friday Specials…


Check back soon for more details!




Today is JAMBERRY BONUS DAY and I can happily say that I have made more MONEY and had more FUN in 8 months on a PART TIME basis with Jamberry than MOST people make in a YEAR at their full time job that they HATE.

If you would like more information, message me!!

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