Introducing the Disney Collection by Jamberry!

This is HUGE!!!  Jamberry just took your love for all things Disney and brought the magic to life!!  This collection is the answer to more than a few dreams!!  Planning a trip to Disney and want a little something extra?  Order your wraps from the Disney Collection by Jamberry today!

Which one is your favorite?  It’s too soon for me to tell – I like more than a few of them!!

disney_sms_icons_aurorascastle_020216_24898385085_o disney_sms_icons_bowdacious_020216_24270234704_o disney_sms_icons_briarrose_020216_24530773399_o disney_sms_icons_colormeminnie_020216_24805007661_o disney_sms_icons_coralconnection_020216_24898384515_o disney_sms_icons_downtownminnie_020216_24530773029_o disney_sms_icons_fairytaleendings_020216_24530772919_o disney_sms_icons_intothedeep_020216_24780459062_o disney_sms_icons_loveminnie_020216_24602899770_o disney_sms_icons_madforminnie_020216_24780458892_o disney_sms_icons_makeitpink_020216_24872084436_o disney_sms_icons_mickeysgirl_020216_24898383765_o disney_sms_icons_minniessoiree_020216_24602899300_o disney_sms_icons_moonlightmagic_020216_24898383585_o disney_sms_icons_oceanombre_020216_24602899090_o disney_sms_icons_onceuponadream_020216_24270233084_o disney_sms_icons_rockinmydots_020216_24780458082_o disney_sms_icons_sapphiresea_020216_24898383025_o disney_sms_icons_seaofdreams_020216_24602898400_o disney_sms_icons_sweetdreams_020216_24530771369_o disney_sms_icons_uptownminnie_020216_24530771189_o disney_sms-icon-collections-bytheshore_020216_24780449852_o disney_sms-icon-collections-makeitpinkmakeitblue_020216_24872075126_o disney_sms-icon-collections-minniegored_020216_24780449712_o disney_sms-icon-collections-minniesochic_020216_24898373945_o disney_sms-icon-collections-popofcolor_020216_24270223564_o

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Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

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Look at My (Square Foot) Garden Grow!


Vegetable medley using jalepenos, basil and okra from my square foot garden (along with other vegetables).  I’m so excited how many things I’ve been able to incorporate into my dinners!  It’s always an adventure.

I finished Day 5 of Pilates and I am here to tell you, it is AMAZING what a difference there is in JUST A WEEK.  Every single person I saw today commented on how good I looked and how they could really tell.  I think it really made a difference that I dieted and did the cleanse for a month before I started the Pilates.  Now combining my new healthier diet, the ID Life and the Pilates – I am hitting a Grand Slam!  It’s really exciting for me to see it all coming together.

I’ve also been amazed at how “easy” it’s been to make these changes.  Mentally, I struggled a little with the Pilates yesterday and today.  I’m not gonna lie – I’m ready for a break.  I don’t get one until Friday – so 4 more days.  Then I get a one day break.  I really gave it my all so I’m pleased for that victory but this next week will be the real test.

I think incorporating all of the meditation into the program too helps.  And working on my breathing.  Every.little.bit.helps!!

Look into Pilates people – I am getting muscle tone already – after ONE week!

Now to pick out which Jamberry to wear this week!?