Jamberry + Tiffany & Co. – A Few of My Favorite Things


Jamberry has come out with a couple of wraps lately that are that Tiffany blue and I am ALL.ABOUT.IT.  So much so that I made a little trip to Tiffany’s and made a little purchase!

What inspires you?

Have you tried Jamberry?  Request a sample HERE.   If you are in the DFW Metroplex, message me for a one on one demo of our gels, lacquers and/or wraps!!


6 Things Holding You Back from Success – Let’s Talk about the “F” Word(s)



We’re a month into 2016!

Are you still working toward your resolutions?

Have the wheels fallen off?

Are you still trudging along but not seeing the progress you had hoped for?

Let’s do a reality check NOW to see WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK??

I’ve identified 6 things that might be getting in your way:  The Bad Six!  The “F” words.

Fear, Failure, Forget, Fallacy, Fun and Find.

What do these have to do with your success?  Turns out EVERYTHING.

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