Como se ve en Latina Magazine


El estudio de arte (Nail Art Studio) de Jamberry fue destacado en ‘Latina Magazine’. Asegúrese de conseguir una copia.

Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio was featured in ‘Latina Magazine’. Be sure to pick up a copy.

Are you interested in Oportunidad de Jamberry?

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Date night couldn’t get any hotter with this Mixed Mani! Gold Sparkle, Coral Reef Five Free Lacquer, Host Exclusive and Metallic Gold Pinstripe.


Tapestry is one of my most requested wraps and comes in Glossy and Matte finishes.


Celebrate your favorite team by designing a custom wrap in the Nail Art Studio.


Jamberry’s Hint of Mint Five Free Professional Nail Lacquer puts a POW in you pedicure! I use Quench from the Indulgence set to keep my feet moisturized which is so important in the summer!


I see Seashells by the Seashore…mixed with Pixie and Tungsten Sparkle! This unlikely combo took an ordinary wrap to extraordinary!


These are the only bugs you’ll want to see this summer! Lady in Red paired with Black and White Chevron.


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Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.29.18 PM

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Haven’t tried Jamberry yet? Request a sample HERE!
Book a Party Here and Earn Yours for Free!!

Fun Facts:   Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Nut Free :: Vegan :: Made in the USA!

Enjoying Santa and S’mores Today!

Great time today at the Santa and S’mores Party at the Balch’s!


Katie told Santa that she shares and that Ryan is Naughty…


Santa told me that Ryan would have to be Pre.tty Naughty to go on his Naughty List.   I told him – not at our house…but he assured me that Ryan was still on his Nice List! ❤


Katie was snuggly.  Not sure where that came from – but I’ll take it.

984234_10152976947211095_1253454059200953356_nShe was silly too!  Ryan was too busy running around to get any pictures with him.

1660234_10152976946801095_9004248460878569350_nI caught this sweet moment between Katie and Bob 🙂  We love that girl!!

And you know I had to have cute “holiday” nails – Elf on Shelf 🙂IMG_5568

Tis the Season!  Enjoy!!


Here is a preview video of how the new Jamberry NAS 2.0 will operate!

The Nail Art Studio is one of the things that sets Jamberry apart from other nail art companies, and Jamberry has made some necessary updates to make the Nail Art Studio better than it has ever been.

A few of the exciting new features NAS now offers is the ability to:

  • Save approved designs and purchase them over and over
  • Save designs mid-project and complete later
  • Receive trademark approval before purchasing
  • Save image uploads to your account
  • Navigate through better design tools and more!

This is a design that was created in the original NAS:


Jamberry has created this document to answer some of the FAQs.

See what some of our top consultants who were selected to test it are saying about NAS Beta 2.0.

Christie, Elite Executive: I am so proud of Jamberry’s new Nail Art Studio. The new version makes designing your own wraps super easy, but the best part is that you can now save your designs. This makes reordering a snap! I can’t wait to see all of the new designs; the possibilities will be endless!

Julie, Team Manager: The anticipation of the new NAS has literally given me Jam-somnia!!!  The sneak peeks have made me squeal in delight at how easy it is to work with the new set up! It is going to clear up so much time for all of us now that we can save what we have done AND what we are working on! And to feel comfortable letting customers go in and play and create their very own designs is just Jamtastic! I cannot wait to book my calendar full of NAS Parties for all ages!!!

Rae, Lead Consultant: The new NAS is a breath of fresh air for anyone wanting to make and share their personalized wraps.  There are more pre-set patterns, an easier layout with better guides, and an even better way to order! Best of all the new designs are not only saved when you submit the designs, but also while you are still in creation mode! No more starting from scratch from server time outs or accidentally closing your session.  I’m really excited to have full access to this new and improved NAS and to have a better way to create, order, and share designs with customers and other consultants!

Jen, Elite Executive: I am so excited and beyond honored to have been chosen as a tester to work on the new NAS project! I think it’s just incredible that Jamberry cares so much about their customers and consultants, that they include us and our opinions before launching new projects. That is beyond anything I’ve ever heard of in any type of business and really makes Jamberry stand out above the rest.

I am SOOO excited for the new NAS!! I am loving how much easier it is to use and apply objects/images. I’m over the moon that our designs will now exist in a gallery on our website and can be printed again and again at will without having to recreate it each time. I LOVE how everything we do is automatically saved in an ‘in progress’ area, so there is no fear of timing out or losing the work we’ve done. I literally cannot wait to dive in and start creating for my customers, as NAS has had a huge impact on my business. People just LOVE custom stuff!! And this new NAS is going to be a major time saver for all of us. Easy to design, only having to design one time, creations are saved…. lookout world, we’re on to something GOOD!!! WOOT!

Looks like it is getting great reviews and I can’t wait to try my hand at it!!!  Another GAME CHANGER from Jamberry!