Looking for an unexpected way to pamper your Grandmother?

I used to love giving my Grandmother manicures and pedicures.


Not only was it a fun way to spend time with her but it was also something that she needed help with.  Nail care is so important and our nail care needs changes as we get older.  Jamberry already has a full line of Nail Care products and is introducing some fabulous new products on March 1, 2015.



What an unexpected, fun way to brighten your Grandmother’s day – Jamberry’s Nourish, Indulgence and cuticle oil will all help prevent her nails from becoming brittle make it easier to keep them trimmed and in tip-top shape!

Old Hands 1

The nail wraps are a fun way to add a little color and give some extra attention to your Grandmother’s nails.  If you are worried that the nail wraps might be too much for your grandmother, try the White Tips or White & Pink Tinted Tips or our Five Free Lacquers!

Old Hands 3