I Have a Million Dollar Team!!!


Sometime between last night and this morning IT HAPPENED!!! My Team became a Million Dollar Team!!  When I first started Jamberry, I couldn’t even envision something this big happening to me.  I’m beyond excited!!

I read this quote today and it really resonates with me because I tend to be on the passive side. I’m fairly easy going so a lot of times growing up it was easy and comfortable to be a “spectator” rather than a “participant”. A lot of my friends liked me because I was always ready to go and didn’t really care where – which meant they got to dictate where and what we did. Everyone was happy.

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Jamberry Opportunity Call


I will never be able to speak highly enough of my experience with Jamberry. I have a long term, very successful career so Direct Sales was not something I ever thought of being for me.

I’m still not exactly sure what made me jump on board but it has been so fun and it has opened so many doors for me and my family. Doors I never knew existed to dreams we never even knew we had.

And the thing is – this opportunity can BE YOUR DREAM or it can be the means that LEADS TO YOUR DREAM. Either way, it is so much fun and I’m so happy I “fell into it”.


If you’ve been wondering about the opportunity or want to ask some questions, contact me. I will not pressure you to join because it has to be what you want but I will give you all of the information you need to make YOUR decision!! 

Not ready to ask questions but want more information? Here you go:

Jamberry Opportunity Call!!

Team Listonberries

There is NO BETTER TIME than RIGHT NOW to join Team Listonberries.  If you have wanted to look into the business side of Jamberry, this is about as close to RISK FREE as you are going to get!



Jamberry announced a recruiting incentive for the month of August.  New Consultants who join in August can earn a $50 rebate by achieving their first Fast Start Reward by September 30, 2014. As usual, Hostesses can earn up to a $50 kit credit by hosting a party that reaches $350 in guest sales.dfbaba7e-0deb-4ca6-bc24-a5b0cc25b126


This means that if a Hostess uses her $50 kit credit to sign up in August and makes her first Fast Start Reward as a new Consultant, she will also receive the $50 rebate, making her kit FREE if she is in the US! (Shipping and tax not included).

August Sponsors can earn up to a combined total of $200 in product and marketing material credits, plus BONUS Travel Points! Which means, if youare a new Consultant in August and sponsor new Consultants in August, you can qualify for BOTH incentives!



My Team hosted an Opportunity Event on Facebook from July 29, 2014 – August 1, 2014 and through the end of the day yesterday, August 2, 2014, we have added over FORTY people to the Team making our Team the FASTEST GROWING TEAM!!!  You do not want to be left behind!  You just DON’T!!!  The event has ended buy you can still visit the event and learn everything about the business.

Jamberry is quickly approaching the Momentum Phase of Growth, which, if you know anything about direct sales, you know that this is the time when most MILLIONAIRES are made!  My Team and I are positioned PERFECTLY to be there when that happens.  Please join us!  This is absolutely the most fun I have had “working” in my whole life!  We are changing people’s life EVERY DAY with Jamberry!  Please join us in this wonderful adventure!