Popstar and 11 Other Wraps Are Coming #BackforBlackJN

Did you MISS IT the first time around?  THE Popstar is ONE of the TWELVE styles Jamberry is bringing #BackforBlackJN!  That’s right!! POPSTAR!!!  Now you don’t have to spend $600 on ebay to get one of Jamberry’s most coveted styles EVER!!!


 Popstar packs a PUNCH!  It reminds me of the old Batman graphics!


It was a style I wasn’t crazy about until I put it on!!!  Then I was sold and, as you know, it is the image I use for my blog!


I will be stocking up on this style for my own personal use!  And I’m stingy – so if you want your own, you better stock up yourself!!!


This wrap will be available from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  If your Black Friday Only order equals $50 or more (one per order) you will also receive an EXCLUSIVE BlackFriday wrap!


Come back later this week to see the Black Friday Exclusive Wrap!!