My First Meal Prep Meal

Day 1 of the Whole30:

I have been pinning resources, recipes and tips for sticking to the Whole30 like crazy.  I need easy recipes so titles like “recipes with 7 ingredients or less” are attractive to me. I’m not one of those people who skips breakfast.   I’m also not one of those people who cooks…sooooo.  This might be challenging.

For my first attempt, I found this “easy, delicious breakfast recipe and gave it a shot.  For the most part, I just followed the guidelines and made it my own.

You can follow the full recipe at the link above but this is what I did:

I chopped some onions and spicy chicken sausage from Trader Joes, mixed in some shredded broccoli and carrots, added some garlic and mushrooms, threw in some spinach.  You sautee everything (adding the sausage last) and right before you pour into the casserole dish, add the eggs.  I had help from my daughter and Cookie Monster who helped crack eggs mix them!  Bake everything at 350 for 30 minutes.

Finished product:


It tastes great!


I’m pleased with the outcome and will enjoy eating this for breakfast.  It has lots of flavor, the eggs are fluffy and it is satisfying.  It’s actually better than what I normally eat for breakfast.  I give this a 10!  😊



Prepping for Whole30

Bob and I went to a party last night and found out one of our friends is about to start the Whole30 too so we are going to start a support group to hold each other accountable.  She told us about a website Cook with Tessemae where you can order dressings and seasonings that are Whole30 compliant.  This just saved my life because it was definitely one thing I was stressing about!  Anything that makes this easier makes it much more likely to sustain for the 30 days and then to incorporate the best of the program into our daily lives.  Beyond just the seasonings, this website is a great resource and she has a blog, podcasts and more recipes.

Let me know what your favorite resource is for recipes, support and accountability!

Gone Fishin’ (in my Jams)

Did you think you couldn’t go fishin’ in your Jams?  WRONG!  This Consultant has been wearing her Jams for over a week and at least 3 of those were spent going “heavy duty” fishin’!!!  They held up nicely!!


Don’t trust me, try a free sample and see for yourself!!  Request your free sample HERE!!

After the Cleanse – the true test

I finished my 21 day cleanse right before leaving for the Jamberry Conference. This is where the real test comes in!!! I’ll be honest, usually this is where the wheels fall off for me.

I have been motivated and inspired by the fact that I have been able to quickly and efficiently accomplish my goals with Jamberry so I have decided to implement the same strategy to my health and well being. I am really excited because I think it is paying off.   I have the discipline to accomplish my direct sales’ goals which means I have the tools I need to be successful here too.  And, that was obvious by my determination and dedication to the 21 day cleanse.  So now that I have completed my cleanse, how well will I do while traveling to Salt Lake City for the Jamberry Conference??!?!

Obviously my choices are limited so let’s see how I did…

Lunch Day 1:


Salad from the coffee bar.  Just sprinkled dressing over the top lightly.  Probably less than a teaspoon.

Breakfast Day 2:


Bagels and Lox.  Passed on the bagel.  Had a little cream cheese with a few bites of the salmon.

Breakfast Day 3:


Fruit Cup from the coffee shop at the Airport.  Passed on all of the yummy muffins.  (Check out Raspberry Sparkle on my nails)

Meals not pictured:

– Boxed lunch at the conference: Turkey and havarti cheese sandwich. At the sandwich open faced. Ate my chips and cookie.

– Celebratory dinner for making Founding Member of Jamberry:  Ate the salad dressing free, the salmon and veggies. Passed on most of the mashed potatoes, roll and beef. Had a few bites of the ice cream sandwich. Left most of it.

– Awards dinner:  Ate salad (no dressing), chicken with pesto sauce, and vegetables. And flour less chocolate cake.

Drank water and coffee all weekend.

Results:  This type of modified diet is sustainable for me.

It’s not extreme and it is much healthier than I normally would have eaten in the past. It is forcing me to stop and think before ordering and make better choices.  Along with making better choices, I am eating less.  Better choices and less food is a win/win for me!!  It hasn’t even been that hard because I feel so much better.  When I get a little less focused,  I just bring it back to that:  I feel better.

Right now I am just approaching it one step at a time.   My primary focus is feeling better more so than the weight loss but I am honestly hoping for both.   I think if I can stay focused on the “feel better” aspect of it, where I can tangibly “feel” the difference, it will keep me from getting discouraged or feeling disappointed than if I don’t see the weight come off fast enough (or at all).  I think it’s all about managing my expectations.

My next step:  I start my Pilates infomercial on June 30.  We will be combining the workout with following a meal plan, including an idLife meal replacement shake.   I can’t wait to see how that works out for me!!!

I hope you’ll continue to follow my journey!  Please feel free to ask any questions or share any of your personal experiences that may help me with mine!!!