ID Transformation on Sale for $199

As 2014 winds down, take a second to think about your goals for 2015.  What’s at the top?  If you answered “lose weight” – why wait??  Start bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be!


Begin your transformation early and start the New Year with a new you! Enjoy a special discount on our IDTransformation 90-day program starting NOW through Sunday, November 30th to help jump start your wellness transformation for 2015.


The 90-Day IDTransformation takes the guesswork out of what you need.  So no matter what your goals are in your life, the IDTransformation is your systematic approach to achieving the health and wellness you’ve always wanted.

  • 90 Day Transformation
  • Simple to follow plan
  • 5 steps to a Better You!!

For a limited time, get your IDTransformation for $199 (regular price $231.99).

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I took the 90 day challenge and it has changed my life!  I feel 100% better, with more energy and I’ve lost weight – easily – for the first time in years!

Bob’s blood work has gone from “in the red” to mostly green – no more adderall, no more lack of focus and no more need for cholesterol medication.


My 80 year old mother and 84 year old father are going to the gym and walking on the trails in their neighborhood every day!  My mom’s doctor couldn’t believe how her health had improved since her last visit.


I believe in IDLife because I am seeing amazing results first hand!  I would love to see you get started on  a healthier path today!!  Let 2015 FINALLY be your year!


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Have questions about these products? Message me! I’ll tell you what it has done for me and my whole family!


If you know me, you know that my post-pregnancy belly was AWFUL – THREE YEARS after my last baby.  If you know me, you know I HAVE NEVER HAD A BUTT.  Just a flat pancake butt.  The struggle is REAL!!




3 months on IDLife and Pilates ^^^^


Before starting Pilates and IDLife ^^^^

All of that is CHANGING due to Pilates and my IDLIFE!  I just tried the new products from the IDPerformance Line today:  IDLean, IDPreWorkout and IDPostWorkout and I LOVE IT!  We will be giving IDHydrate a shot today at my son’s TBall game!  Go Pirates!

My family is what got me started on this journey!  I wanted the Energy to play with my babies and I want them to be PROUD of me when I’m around.  I feel like I’m on the right path with my LIFESTYLE change!!  I had given up on ever being fit so it is DEFINITELY not too late and I hope my progress can encourage you to start on your own journey.  I’ve lost 8 pounds since my last weigh in without even thinking about it.  IDLife makes everything manageable without even trying – working out, eating healthy.  I’m not fixated on it like I normally would be.  If you would like more information on IDLIFE, please contact my husband HERE.

Pilates and IDLife are Changing My Life!! For the BETTER!!


I am so excited!  Between Pilates and my IDLife, I have lost 8 pounds since my last weigh in (a month ag0).  But even more than the weight loss is the muscle tone and change in the appearance of my body!  I have muscle tone!!  My clothes are fitting differently – I am losing inches in the places where you WANT to lose inches!!

I have been doing Pilates 4 times a week and using the IDLife meal replacement shake for breakfast and IDNutrition supplements.  It is WORKING!!  The Pilates is giving me muscle tone and the IDLife is helping me stick to a healthy, balanced diet.  Together the combination is bringing the results I thought would be impossible.


  • Step one for me was carving out the time.  Everyone talks about this but it has been fundamental.
  • Step two was finding my accountability partners.  If you think that step is unnecessary, you are wrong.  I could not have started or continued this program without my two friends who are doing this with me.  And what’s even better than the transformation in me?  The transformation in THEM!  It is so fun to watch us ALL hit these goals!
  • Step three has been focusing on my diet – not what I can or cannot have but what is going to make me feel better?  And then focusing on how much better I feel.  It’s been so critical to making this all click!  Just realizing that if I don’t eat certain types of food, I feel so much better.  I function so much better.

This is where the IDLife and IDNutrition come in.  Having all of the supplements and nourishment MY body needs has made everything else easier.  I don’t pretend to fully understand the science behind IDLife and what makes it different and/or better than other products on the market.  I just KNOW it is working for me, my friends and my family.  We ALL have had incredible results that don’t end with diet but extend to how we function throughout the day and our willingness to incorporate all of the healthier habits you know you should have but conveniently side step most of the time.  No side stepping going on here!

Take your FREE assessment to see what IDLife recommends for you!  The great thing is – even if you don’t sign up for YOUR IDLife, you will have a blueprint for what supplements are right for you and WHY.  The Assessment is HIPAA compliant and takes into consideration your ailments and medications before determining what is right (or not right) for YOU!  It takes about 5 minutes to complete and I highly recommend it!!

Why IDLife and IDNutrition are Ideal for the Elderly

A few weeks ago, one of my co-worker’s dad was admitted into the emergency room for some internal bleeding.  When he was finally seen by the doctor, it turned out that he had been taking a daily supplement that had some things that did not mix well with some of his medical conditions and other medications.  And let’s face it, that is not a problem that is unique to the elderly but it can have much more severe results for the average elderly person than with younger people.

ID Life

The ID Nutrition Assessment (that is HIPAA compliant) takes all of these things into consideration before recommending a unique program that is designed JUST FOR YOU!  So I loved helping my mom take her assessment, going through A – Z of conditions and entering in the medications that she is on before getting a supplement recommendation for her!  Not only that, I love that the supplements are pre-packaged by morning and night with everything she needs to take so that she doesn’t have to question whether she took everything and/or whether she took them at all that day.  Less room for error.

I’m really excited to see if she likes the supplements as much as I have!  My sister, my husband, me and my mom are all taking the supplements so my dad is the final frontier!!  But fear not, he’s jumped in on the Meal Replacement shakes.   I feel really good about having my 80 year old mom and my 84 year old dad get started on their ID Life.  If you have a special person in your life that could use supplements and have been trying to think of a way to navigate their health and medications, consider having them take the ID Nutrition Assessment.  Whether you order or not, it gives you a complete breakdown of why certain things are recommended or excluded so that you understand what works and what doesn’t!

Meal Replacement Shakes Recipes

I can only tell you from my personal experience what a difference taking these supplements has made in my daily life – from my energy levels, to my motivation and dedication to an exercise program to the focus and concentration I have during my workouts.  Most of my friends were staying fit throughout their 20s and 30s when sadly I was letting things go.  I had all but given up and accepted my fate as being grossly out of weight and lacking in energy when I was introduced to IDLife.  It has only been about 8 – 10 weeks and my whole life has turned around.  The results for me personally have been so amazing that all of my friends and family are signing up.  It has gone hand in hand with an improved diet and exercise but in my entire life I’ve never seen anything work so fast!  The combination is a winning one!

What are you waiting for?  I would love to share my IDLife with YOU!  Take your assessment HERE!

** Check with your doctor to determine whether ID Life and ID Nutrition are for you!