Jamberry + Tiffany & Co. – A Few of My Favorite Things


Jamberry has come out with a couple of wraps lately that are that Tiffany blue and I am ALL.ABOUT.IT.  So much so that I made a little trip to Tiffany’s and made a little purchase!

What inspires you?

Have you tried Jamberry?  Request a sample HERE.   If you are in the DFW Metroplex, message me for a one on one demo of our gels, lacquers and/or wraps!!


Daily Meditation 12/10/15




About 10 or so years ago I wasn’t at the happiest point in my life.  One day I sat down and I did just exactly what this graphic says. I made a list of ten things that I enjoyed/made me happy and then I realized how few of those things I actually did/had in my daily life.

I very methodically set about doing the things that were on my list and my life became 1000 % happier.  It really is such a simple thing.  Not always easy, but very simple.

At this same time, I made it a game to find 10 beautiful things on my drive to (or from) work – no repeats.  Ten doesn’t seem like a lot until you’ve covered all of the obvious things.  Then I really had to dig deep sometimes to find those ten things but I always did.  And as I began to see the beauty in the more mundane/less obvious things, the more appreciative I became of those things.

And the last thing was the hardest.  I forced myself to be present and make eye contact and small talk with people.  I just had to engage.  So if I was in an elevator with someone, instead of burying my head in my phone, I forced myself to say something.  Sometimes it was the default about weather.  Sometimes I would compliment their shoes/shirt/bag.  Sometimes I’d make a joke about something.  But in these simple interactions where I really didn’t need or expect anything from these people, it made life a lot more pleasant.  It opened me up and helped me let my guard down.
Give it a try!

Daily Meditation 11/05/15



Do you catch yourself having and feeding into your negative thoughts?

Here’s the thing: If you can AGREE with your thoughts, you can also DISAGREE with them. Having the thought isn’t what matters. The thought in and of itself has no power. You have the ability to consent to the thought or throw it away.

Beliefs about yourself are very powerful. But they are also changeable and erasable.

What negative thought about yourself have YOU been holding onto? Today is the day to “let it go”. Throw it away. Don’t consent to it. Change it and erase it. Replace it with a new ending.