Jamberry Announced a Surprise Incentive Today!!


Have you ever wondered what’s behind Door #1?  Well, there is NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW TO FIND OUT!  Jamberry announced a surprise incentive today.  YOU can earn a chance to win the trip of a lifetime if you join Jamberry today!

Work Hard…Play Hard!
Surprise Incentive 10986632_10156282595865355_2542830415099970028_n
What’s that you ask? Is it possible to have more incentives? Why, YES! Fortunately, this one includes simple details, yet extravagant rewards! 
Have you ever wanted to sail from island to island, or snorkel the reefs of the Caribbean? What about walk on glaciers or hike the mountains of Canada? Maybe take a boat ride down the Seine to see Notre Dame? Jamberry is giving away a once in a lifetime vacation to three lucky Consultants! Each winner will choose from one of the following locations:
  • Paris, France
  • St. Maarten, BVI
  • Whistler, BC
  • Park City, UT  

11667522_10156282596010355_5510224771007822844_nThe three winners will get flights for two, 5 – 7 night hotel accommodations, activities for two, and $1,000/C $1,240 in spending cash. Jamberry travel agents will work with you to fit the trip of your choice into your busy fall schedule. Travel dates must occur between October 1, 2015 and November 30, 2015.

So how can you win one of these fabulous trips?
  • One trip will be awarded to the Consultant who earns the highest total “New” PRV* between July 1, 2015 and August 31, 2015.
  • Two trips will be drawn at random and awarded to two Consultants who earn “New” PRV* over $1,500 between July 1, 2015 and August 31, 2015.

“New” PRV = Personal PRV + PRV generated by any new Consultants you recruit in the months of July and August, summed over two months, July and August.

11035547_10152866210946496_6078815204870506447_oThrough Jamberry you can:

  • Earn the money you want and need!
  • Set and achieve your goals!
  • Make new, supportive friends that want to help and see you achieve your goals!
  • Build your confidence!
  • Live the life you’ve dreamt of living!!

WHATEVER you want to accomplish, you can MAKE IT HAPPEN! I will HELP YOU!
Take that first step!



I Have a Million Dollar Team!!!


Sometime between last night and this morning IT HAPPENED!!! My Team became a Million Dollar Team!!  When I first started Jamberry, I couldn’t even envision something this big happening to me.  I’m beyond excited!!

I read this quote today and it really resonates with me because I tend to be on the passive side. I’m fairly easy going so a lot of times growing up it was easy and comfortable to be a “spectator” rather than a “participant”. A lot of my friends liked me because I was always ready to go and didn’t really care where – which meant they got to dictate where and what we did. Everyone was happy.

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Jamberry Opportunity Call


I will never be able to speak highly enough of my experience with Jamberry. I have a long term, very successful career so Direct Sales was not something I ever thought of being for me.

I’m still not exactly sure what made me jump on board but it has been so fun and it has opened so many doors for me and my family. Doors I never knew existed to dreams we never even knew we had.

And the thing is – this opportunity can BE YOUR DREAM or it can be the means that LEADS TO YOUR DREAM. Either way, it is so much fun and I’m so happy I “fell into it”.


If you’ve been wondering about the opportunity or want to ask some questions, contact me. I will not pressure you to join because it has to be what you want but I will give you all of the information you need to make YOUR decision!! 

Not ready to ask questions but want more information? Here you go:

Jamberry Opportunity Call!!

Setting MY intentions for a SPARKLY 2015!!



Happy New Year!!  Thank you for your support in 2014!!!  I am really looking forward to 2015!  I feel so much hope and promise!!

word cloud for year 2015

Here are my goals for 2015:

Make Premier Executive with Jamberry by late Spring.
Make Elite Executive with Jamberry by end of the 2015.
Pay off all of our debt (except our house).
Devote more time to and Grow Bob’s business H&B Sports.
Get the kids got into new schools:  Ryan at Christ the King and Katie at University Park United Methodist! Open and FUND a Savings Account.
Find a bigger house.
Get a new car.
Open accounts for our kids’ Education Fund.
Do a couples sprint tri with Bob.
Travel – to the beach and on a ski trip.
Earn the Jamberry incentive trip.
Make the Century Club at Studio 6.
Build my TEAM to 3,000 people.
Put systems in place so that I am efficient and organized so that I have more time with my family.
Do some big trade shows and events.
Write some articles and trainings.
Have fun!!!
I’m setting my intentions and putting my energy toward good, exciting things!!  What are YOUR intentions?!


Jamberry has something “sparkly”, “shiny” and “blank canvas” for the new year!!!!


Pilates at Studio 6 and IDLife will help direct me to far, far better things ahead than any I leave behind!!


At any given moment and to help us all reach our goals, these ten things will help us stay the course and find our way!




Join My Jamberry Team on January 1st!


With the New Year right around the corner, I wanted to share my experience with Jamberry and encourage you to consider joining my Team on January 1, 2015!

I have gained a lot from my year with Jamberry, both personally and financially! I have built a Team of 700 women who are all unique and bring different skills and dreams to this adventure. Want to be a part of something special? Join us!

The one thing we all have in common is our desire to see each other succeed and build better lives for ourselves and our families. It is a true labor of love! If you want to see how Jamberry is changing other people’s lives, get on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and search the hashtag #BecauseofJamberry. You will see life changing testimonials from Consultants sharing their stories. You cannot help but be moved!


My $99 investment has turned into a high 5 figure income, soon to be 6! But the biggest success has been the change inside of me! After two back to back pregnancies, I had really lost “myself”. I no longer cared much about my appearance – I didn’t do my hair, nails or makeup and nothing fit so I was still wearing my maternity clothes as often as I could. And I was too tired to care.

When I first saw Jamberry, I was so excited to find something I could do at home, quickly, while watching my kids, that didn’t cost a lot of money and that would “fit” no matter how out of shape I was. Cue forward a month: Now I had pretty nails! And I was getting paid for it!! A lot!! Something inside me changed! I had hope!


As I went through the Jamberry training, set my goals and continuously CRUSHED THEM, the change in my mindset started to happen…I took the goal setting skills I learned from Jamberry and applied them to my every day life.

First, I started a cleanse to get all of the processed foods out of my system. Next, I started a Pilates program coupled with IDLife meal replacement shakes and supplements. I can happily say that in addition to my Jamberry success, I have lost weight and shredded MANY inches and now fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes (which I have since gotten rid of and used my Jamberry money to replace them with a fun, new wardrobe more appropriate for my NEW, VIBRANT SELF!!) I am quickly on my way to joining the Century Club (students who have attended 100 sessions) at Studio 6 and I have CONTINUED my rise within Jamberry – ALL WHILE HAVING A FULL TIME JOB!!


I am currently a Lead Executive with Jamberry -TWO LEVELS FROM THE TOP!! And I am bringing MY TEAM with me. That’s right! This is no “one hit wonder”! I have a TEAM of LEADERS TOO!! Because the Jamberry combined with my Team method is easy to duplicate and replicate so that you can be a LEADER and have a Team of LEADERS TOO!! I would love to help you reach this level of SUCCESS!!


So here we are, in the FINAL WEEK of 2014. Time for reflection. Time to set your Intentions for the New Year!  Jump ahead to New Year’s Eve 2015 and look at your companions. If they asked you: “HOW WAS 2015 for YOU??” What would you say? Don’t you WANT to be able to say:

IT WAS AMAZING!!! I was able to:

  • Earn the money I need and more!
  • Set and achieve my goals!
  • Make new, supportive friends that want to help and see me achieve my goals!
  • Build my confidence!
  • Live the life I’ve dreamt of living!!

WHATEVER you want to accomplish, you can MAKE IT HAPPEN! I will HELP YOU!


Take that Christmas money and INVEST IT IN YOURSELF, YOUR FUTURE!!! Join My Team!!


Let Jamberry be the Solution to your Resolution!!


Take that first step!